Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Kansas

Jan 18, 2018 , , , ,

Kansas lawmakers began their 2018 legislative session last week with several marijuana bills before them, including SB 187 / HB 2348, the Kansas Safe Access Act. This bill would create an effective medical marijuana program in Kansas.

These bills were introduced in 2017 (the legislative session carries over from 2017 to 2018), yet never even received a hearing. And, Kansas is one of only two states in the entire U.S. that does not even have a limited low-THC medical cannabis law. Seriously ill Kansans deserve better.

If you are a Kansas resident, please ask your representatives to show compassion and allow patients access to treatments that can help alleviate the suffering associated with serious conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. Medical marijuana can also help reduce patients’ use of dangerous opiates.

4 responses to “Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Kansas”

  1. Fellow Kansans, please contact your Representative and Senator to forward this legislation. Marijuana is the best antidote to the opioid crisis. It is extremely cruel to patients to not allow them a safer, non addictive medicine. Also, our state, as much or more than others, is losing Millennials by the thousands who have moved to nearby Colorado. Ill residents are leaving, and while they may be on government support, they do create a lot of revenue in our state medical system. I’m included in the latter and will be moving as well to obtain legal medical marijuana if Kansas does not legalize medical marijuana.

  2. We are leaving Texas for the same reason. We are both on pensions, disability. Suffering terrible pain. I visited with an Alzheimer’s patient who is taking a blend of THC/CBD and it’s much better for her than the tranquilizers, and it seems to be activating new conversations as well. Much more peaceful around the house; much less stress. They sad thing has been that even researchers weren’t permitted to try it out scientifically on patients due to the extreme position held by the holdovers of the Reefer Madness movie days. I notice when they have a daughter or son with a condition it helps, then they change their tunes almost all the time. yet they claim to be objective opponents.

    Vote with your feet and move out.
    Vote with your money and boycott your state by moving to a pro state and buying local items and nothing from your former state. Then tell all your social family friend network what you are doing and why. Put yourself and your money into a state that backs your beliefs and come out of those that don’t. One thing politicians understand is losing voters and losing money. Just do it. Make the move. Get a career change. Change your view, physically and mentally, socially as well.

  3. Not just the government but the people of Kansas and the U.S. should care enough to give the people that choose too take the medicine. That they can without being criminals. I am getting a new faith in the government about caring for the Kansas people how it should be. I give my prayers, hopes, dreams, love and faith in to your hands.

  4. im in pain every day,and all the medication have there own side effects,quality marijuana helps me to not focus on the pain and dont feel like death is the only thing to look forward to,i could try to enjoy whats left of my life better with legal access to quality grown and governed and taxed marijuana and be safe.i may just have to move to another state where i wont have too sufer

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