Kentucky Legislature Considering Marijuana Policy Reform

Jan 18, 2018 , , , , ,

The Kentucky Legislature began its 2018 session last week, and marijuana policy reforms are already among the top issues being discussed in Frankfort. A medical cannabis bill, HB 166, has already been introduced in the House.

But that’s not all. Sen. Dan Seum, chairman of the Republican Senate Caucus, held a press conference to announce that he is introducing a bill, SB 80, that would legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis for adults 21 and older.

If you are a Kentucky resident, please send your representatives and senators a message and urge them to support reforming marijuana laws in 2018.

6 responses to “Kentucky Legislature Considering Marijuana Policy Reform”

  1. Good – it is time we came out of the dark ages about Marijuana – It is a miracle drug and helps thousands of people get relief from chronic pain. It’s too bad Trump put that old jerk, Jeff Sessions, in charge and then he had to try to make a name for himself by going after Marijuana because he is so uneducated on it – the old fool should have retired before he got a chance to sig the Federal authorities onto the people who supply Medical marijuana. Anyone who reads up on it would never bad mouth it – it is no longer a weed that you smoke behind a shed – it is a miracle drug and should be legal through America.

    • Marijuana is the easiest to find, as well as the most harmless of all the narcotics, being that most types of marijuana have a very pungent odor, that is incredibly distinguishable by humans, and especially drug dogs. Marijuana becoming legal is the DEA’s worst nightmare. Not because of it’s ability to cause any harm to the public…that is a simply laughable and passé notion to hold onto. The truth behind the matter is, if it were to be legalized, many DEA agents and those officials involved in their daily going-ons would be out of jobs. After a few days or weeks with no luck scoring a bust on a narcotic the public actually wants them to go after, they get lazy and grab ol’ Fido and find some weed.

      They NEED marijuana to be illegal, so that it appears to their bosses they are actually accomplishing something with our tax money. My viewpoint is this however: Leave the marijuana alone. Just go after the other stuff. If you are unsuccessful in locating anything else….doesn’t that mean you’ve done a good job? You got the all bad guys! Great job! Go home!

  2. What would really help is if you run PSA announcements that would help get the word out to vote on the medical marijuana House Bill166 and SB 80 to legalize marijuana please help Kentucky

  3. Legalize marijuana we have the perfect growing conditions and could improve our whole state with the proceeds.its safer than alcohol and has many medical beneits.

  4. People know that it helps medically. Stop doing the bidding of big Pharma and allow medical related marijuana help ky residents. It’s time. Think about someone else besides yourselves

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