Initiative to Regulate Marijuana in Massachusetts Moves Another Step Closer to 2016 Ballot

Sep 03, 2015

Regulate Mass Logo-CIRCLEThe Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has certified the petition in support of an initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana in the state, moving it one step closer to the 2016 ballot.

According to a press release from the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Massachusetts:

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) will now file the petition with the Secretary of the Commonwealth, which has 14 days to sign off on it, at which point the campaign will begin its signature drive. Initiative backers must collect the signatures of 64,750 registered Massachusetts voters over a nine-week period from September to November. The petition would then be transmitted to the Massachusetts Legislature. If the legislature does not adopt the measure, initiative backers must collect 10,792 signatures in June 2016 to place the initiative on the November 2016 ballot. 

You can find out more about the proposed initiative, which was filed last month, by visiting the campaign’s website.

10 responses to “Initiative to Regulate Marijuana in Massachusetts Moves Another Step Closer to 2016 Ballot”

  1. Why in a country that is supposed to believe in FREEDOM are we penalizing people for the herbs they choose to use?Why are we preventing hemp from being grown for fuel?/Why are we stifling American ingenuity?Why are competitors given an advantage over a natural herb?

  2. I shared this on Facebook, Sept. 11, and encourage you, to do the same, no matter where you live, in the world. Let’s all help Mass. To gain the needed signatures, on time, and with love. We did this with Prop 215, and so many thousands of individuals have continued our dream, of a compassionate society, built on love, hope, and security, for all. Jeff Dillon

  3. A recent Ball State University poll found that 78% of hoosiers want pot legalized. I emailed my state senator, state representative, The Indiana chapter of NORML, and the ACLU about it. No one replied! What’s up with that?

  4. Accumulating documented empirical research studies from all over the world, to this date, has articulated and in many cases demonstrating that this plant can produce prodigious medicinal results for the sick and dying. The true healing efficacy of this plant comes from the highly concentrated form or version of it. This thick oil like substance has yet to divulge its full universal potential that will inevitably transform medical treatment of ailments from a to z for the betterment of human kind.
    In light of the fact that historically, no one has ever died from the consumption of or smoking of marijuana, in comparison to cigarettes or alcohol. It makes sense to allow ourselves to indulge in a substance that is far more safer.

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