Fox Cancels Only Show to Support Drug Policy Reform

Feb 10, 2012

Yesterday was a sad day for drug policy in the mainstream media. Early in the afternoon, executives at Fox Business Network announced that they were dropping “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano” in favor of … reruns.

Those of you who are familiar with the show know all about host Judge Andrew Napolitano and his pointed attacks on anything threatening to liberty. What you may not know is that he was also a vocal critic of the war on drugs. His show was one of the few that would give airtime to spokespeople for organizations working to end prohibition, and he treated them fairly and with respect. Judge Napolitano frequently speaks out about the militarization of the police that has come about as a result of the war on drugs, particularly on marijuana.

So as a way to say “thanks” to Judge Napolitano for standing up for freedom, I am posting clips of the times he was nice enough to have us on his show. We at MPP can’t wait to see what the Judge will be up to next.



24 responses to “Fox Cancels Only Show to Support Drug Policy Reform”

  1. I say let’s put some pressure on Fox! Let them know we are NOT happy with this!!! The more we speak up, the sooner we’ll get our message across.

  2. Your headline is technically false: FOX Business still hosts Stossel.

    John Stossel’s long-held position is in favor of legalizing all drugs. Here’s Stossel on FBN stating his position a short clip.

    Stossel argues in print for legalized drugs here and here

    Back in 2002, John Stossel devoted a 1-hour “20/20” ABC special to why The War on Drugs is futile, immoral, expensive, and counterproductive.

    Morgan Fox, if y’all want some help in writing blog posts for MPP, e-mail me! 🙂

  3. I *KNEW* that this show could not last on FAUX..hell this man wants to get back to the Laws Of Our Land and he supports Dr. Ron Paul..guess whos gone next..John Stossel. I will be calling these fools and emailing them today! Rupert Murdock must have had enough.. unamerican basturds

  4. Current TV has been snatching up the outspoken personalities. TYT and Keith Olberman. So who knows maybe the judge will be approached by Al Gore. More and more the outspokens reporters are being fired by the main stream media and going to the smaller niche media. Dan Rather was the first. Rupert Murdock and his son need to put in prison. Fox may go down with them!

  5. Rockefellerism and it doesnt stop here. All the recent media coverage on marijuana and driving effects that is being reported from a one sided source…How else can it be explained. This is obviously big pharma resorting to Reefer Madness once again…Wow. They must be getting scared with 18 states working on marijuana laws and the ones that already do. The fed government will have no choice soon. AHHH they must be mad because they haven’t globalized the planet yet.

  6. This was the ONLY show I would watch on FOX. So it makes perfect sense that it was cancelled. Maybe another network like MSNBC will pick him up as that’s the only news channel worth watching anymore.

  7. I am ashamed that fox backed out of this huge ordeal. Now what happen to fair and balanced I am so for legalization of medical purposes. I use to live in Cali. they are legal now for medical marijuana and I feel we should do the right American thing and speak out about it to Fox news. not stop watching. the only I hope and still fair and balanced news in our society . I will never ever again be a viewer of the leftest and the liberalism, socialist channels (NBC & CBS) and so on……. NO WHERE ELSE IS REAL & HONEST…….
    See fox just backs off they don’t cram it down your throat like others do… I am an American and love my God given right to live in this country and love Jesus and our church and stay out of it White House. We the people are who should have voted you in but as usual theft lies and dishonesty got you here and for sure all those that complained and didn’t vote….. Just Vote or clamp it no vote no right to complain. That’s our Right wake up people its for the people and by the people…. I love this country but not when its run by one house of no people. Vote Vote Vote God bless this country and give us a Honest and Forthright Candidate for President . We can’t hang with 4 more years of Lies and cheating the people.

  8. Not suprising. I figured sooner or later they would shut him down. After all . ..government can’t have people speaking of freedom on their government controlled TEE VEE.

    FOX isnt worth watching any how…just the judge.

  9. The judge must of called his cousin one too many names (Janet and her goon squad at the TSA). Too bad Fox caved in and took away one of our best defenders of the Constitution. Timing works, all of a sudden you have the ignorant Supreme Court judge saying the Constitution is old and needs to go or be redesigned. Beware, the fox had his foot so far in the door that America needs to wake up now or be forever gone!

  10. And to think I received just this morning an email from an old friend on how liberally slanted the mainstream media is……oh puleeeeeze

  11. Hang in there Brothers&Sisters, good things are coming, each day, gives one more voice. Fox knows exactly what their plan was, and things will return to normal, after the primaries.

  12. Fox is the reason I found Libertarianism, and I haven’t looked back. Thanks Judge Napolitano, I hope you get another show elswhere. Keep writing books and helping to open the eyes of the zombies in the two main parties. Other than Stossel I don’t think I will be watching any more Fox News shows. Somebody needs to start a news network that embraces all political views and not just as a counter balance to the leftist networks. REPORT THE NEWS NOT JUST YOUR SLANTED VIEW OF IT, FOX! My viewing choice will follow the Judge wherever he lands. God bless you Judge Napolitano. You have directly impacted my life, political views, and forever enriched my life. God bless America, or what’s left of it.

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