DNC Approves Marijuana Platform

Jul 27, 2016

This week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the Democratic Party approved a platform that would dismantle marijuana prohibition. Calling for “a reasoned pathway for future legalizat6262125702_a086dd49f1_bion,” the Democrats’ platform endorses the removal of marijuana from the list of Schedule I drugs, a category reserved for substances with a high potential for abuse and without medical benefit. It also calls for states to decide their own marijuana laws and for medical marijuana states to provide safe access for patients without federal interference.

According to Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, “It’s not particularly surprising that the platform calls for rolling back the failed policy of marijuana prohibition, seeing as the vast majority of Democrats – and a majority of Americans – support making marijuana legal for adults.”

Advocates for marijuana policy reform were present and active at the DNC and held a series of protests outside the convention on Monday to bring attention to the issue, while MPP representatives talked with policy leaders and lawmakers inside the convention throughout the week.

6 responses to “DNC Approves Marijuana Platform”

  1. it`s about time! I am 61yrs old and have had 8 major surgeries. Shoulder surgery that has led to disfunction in my right arm, the main vein removed from my left leg that has led to neuropathy and various other surgeries leading to fibromylgia. In other words….I am in deep pain every day. Most of the meds for fibro led to suicidal thoughts and mood swings so I couldn`t take them. When I lived in Oregon where I qualified for medical marijuana, my pain was half of what I have daily. I have since moved to Pa and then to NC where it is not legal. Needless to say my pain level is almost unbearable since these states aren`t legal. I am on Soc Sec disability so several doctors have deemed me disabeled. I NEED my pain relieving medical marijuana.

  2. The Democratic Party is supposed to be liberal and even progressive in some cases. Yet I wonder how really true this is especially during Obama’s term in office. Marijuana was made illegal years ago, not because it was proven to be harmful but strictly because of racist policies. This means that Democrats have allowed a racist policy to be enforced for all these years and these policies have caused the waste of billions of dollars and more importantly the destruction of millions of lives. That marijuana is a schedule one drug is to me one of the greatest crimes perpetrated on the American people by our politicians. This scheduling is based on lies and racism which is now totally supported by big monied interests. This is a crime against the American people that needs to be rectified

  3. Take ALL drugs out of the justice department and put it in the medical field where it belongs. Then cops can go after the real criminals. Certain drugs and a plant were put in our justice department to make money, period. Cops have too much to do, they don’t need to play doctor too.

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