Congress Members Responsible For Marijuana Prohibition May Soon Be Able To Obtain It For Medical Use

Jun 13, 2012

It’s unfortunate that chronic pain isn’t a qualifying condition under D.C.’s medical marijuana law because prohibitionists in Congress have been getting beaten up pretty badly lately (metaphorically, of course). Late yesterday afternoon, the District of Columbia Department of Health announced the prospective operators eligible to register as medical marijuana dispensaries and begin distributing medical marijuana to patients in the fall. The announcement comes on the heels of Rhode Island’s legislature passing a decriminalization bill, and both Connecticut and New Hampshire’s legislatures passing medical marijuana legislation.

Ironically, that means medical marijuana will soon be available just blocks from Congress, which is responsible for prohibition and for holding up D.C.’s program for more than a decade. Despite nearly 70% of D.C. voters approving a medical marijuana initiative in 1998, Congress put a hold on D.C.’s appropriations bill that prevented the District from implementing the law. That hold was finally lifted in late 2009, and the District has been slowly but surely putting regulations in place and licensing cultivators and distributors since.

In the end, four dispensary applicants made the cut, one of which will be owned and operated by a rabbi. The next steps are for cultivation centers to begin producing marijuana and for the District to begin accepting applications from patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis whose doctors have certified them for participation in the program. The latest estimates are for the program to be up and running later this year.

Don’t worry all you ailing members of Congress; we’ll be working to expand the list of qualifying conditions soon enough.

11 responses to “Congress Members Responsible For Marijuana Prohibition May Soon Be Able To Obtain It For Medical Use”

  1. If not for prohibition, several of my own family members may have been saved from cancer! Every day that mmj is illegal, pople suffer and die! This is a crime against humanity!

  2. It always was its Everymans freedom to chose. If I wanna blaze I’m gonna blaze either way government is full of shit cannabis is gods gift to man… So blaze on I live in lousiana it’s 103 heat idex with humidity

  3. Marijuana prohibition is a greedy, racially motivated revenue scam for crooked law enforcement and a fraudulent judicial system.

  4. I have known and still know several DEA and other law enforcement members and ex members who have spoken clearly of how much of a scam the whole was on drugs is. This war of drugs is exactly that a war, unfounded and a complete hoax. It is funded for and by the Governments money machine. Without the war on drugs the politicians and other government hacks as well as justice dept members would lose massive amounts of profits from the trafficking and distribution of these drugs. They fill the need for supply and them arrest those who violate the nations drug laws to fill the prisons with violators of those foolish laws. The revolving door of our prison system is the largest money machine they have had in decades. Over 90% of those in prisons around the nation are their for simply marijuana violations. Time to stop the foolishness…

  5. I’m a little confused. If “congress” put a “hold” on implementing the medical marijuana program, what right do they have to do that? Was it the federal government, who put the hold on? If so, and they have lifted that hold, what right do they have to do that, while arresting dispensary owners and patients in other states? Maybe lifting the hold, sets a president for other states? Maybe? Anyone got an answer?

  6. Marijuana prohibition is another example of how conservatism has become bribery and extortion. The problem with true conservatism is that it no longer exists. Crooked neo-cons and ignorant teabaggers have turned it into a greedy scam and a package of lies.

  7. congress only has jurisdiction over the 10 sq miles of DC- it is a false belief that they have jiuridiction over the 50 states- read the constitution- it is in the enumerated powers aspect – I believe it is the 10th amendment- if you are a soveriegn citizen of your state you cannot be a sovereign citicen of the US- you can not be soveriegn in 2 jurisdictions -only one- that i the only power of congress- we have been duped by other information- read the Federal Zone-google it

  8. listening to Obama on gay marrage he has said it should be a state to state issue and not a concern for the feds if the states make their own laws governing the issue, then why is it not the same for state to state cannibus laws. It make no sence to do one and not the other

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