Wyoming: Legalization bill introduced!

Mar 10, 2021

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Wyoming: Legalization bill introduced!

Contact your lawmakers today and ask them to end cannabis prohibition.

Wyoming currently trails far behind other states when it comes to sensible cannabis policies. That could change this year! A bill—HB 209—that would legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis for adults has been introduced.

Top lawmakers, including the House Speaker and Judiciary Committee chairman, have sponsored the legislation. The Judiciary Committee is expected to hold a hearing on the bill this Friday.

It’s important that your lawmakers hear from you that you want them to allow adults to have access to safe, legal cannabis!

Wyoming is one of just 14 states with no medical cannabis law, and one of only 19 that still jails its residents for simple possession of cannabis. Meanwhile, its neighbors in Colorado, South Dakota, and Montana have all legalized cannabis for adults. A recent poll found that 54 percent of Wyomingites support legalizing personal possession of cannabis for adults.

Ask your lawmakers to follow the will of the majority of Wyomingites and legalize and regulate cannabis for adults this year!

Legalizing and regulating cannabis for adults would not only reduce the number of cannabis-related arrests in the state and generate a new source of revenue, but it would also provide adults with safe, regulated access to cannabis—including those who could benefit from cannabis medically.

After you reach out to your lawmakers, please forward this message to your friends and family in Wyoming and encourage them to do the same.