Virginia’s legalization law goes into effect today!

Jul 01, 2021

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Virginia’s legalization law goes into effect today!


Virginia became the 17th state to legalize cannabis for adult use in April. Today, the new law officially goes into effect!

Starting today, adults can legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis and cultivate up to four cannabis plants at their primary residence. Note, however, that it remains a crime to bring any amount of cannabis into the state of Virginia. Legal sales will begin no earlier than July 2024. You can check out our full summary of the law here.

Virginia is one of four states to legalize cannabis legislatively this year, with the total number of adult-use legalization states now reaching 19. It is also made history as the first state in the South to legalize cannabis for adults.

Thank you to the lawmakers and advocates who worked tirelessly to end cannabis prohibition in Virginia. It has truly been a historical year for cannabis policy reform!