Virginia Legislature votes to legalize cannabis!

Feb 05, 2021

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Virginia Legislature votes to legalize cannabis!

Very exciting news: Today, the Virginia Legislature voted to advance legislation that would legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older in the commonwealth!

HB 2312, sponsored by Majority Leader Charniele Herring, passed the House in a 55-42 vote, while SB 1406, sponsored by Senators Adam Ebbin and Louise Lucas, passed the Senate 23-15.

But even though this is great news, it’s not a done deal yet. Because the bills were amended and are no longer identical, the legislature will likely set up a conference committee to reconcile differences. If the legislature approves a final bill, it will then head to Gov. Ralph Northam, who has signaled strong support.

Under the proposed bills, adults 21+ could possess up to an ounce of cannabis, cultivate up to two mature and two immature plants at their residence, and purchase cannabis and cannabis products from regulated dispensaries.

You can read a summary of HB 2312 here and a summary of SB 1406 here.

In the coming weeks, MPP will be pushing to ensure Virginia lawmakers fix some issues with the legislation — such as increased penalties for certain low-level offenses — and to get help it past the finish line. Please consider making a donation today so we can help fix the bill, get it passed, and legalize in several other states this year!

Let’s make Virginia the first state in South to end cannabis prohibition.