Vermont: Legislative session kicks off next week!

Jan 03, 2020

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Vermont: Legislative session kicks off next week!

Join us for an advocacy day at the State House on Thursday, January 9 — but first, write your representatives and urge them to support S. 54!

The Vermont Legislature will convene on Thursday, January 9, so what better day to remind legislators that cannabis regulation needs to be a top priority in 2020? All members of the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana are encouraged to visit the State House that day and join us as we encourage legislators to pass S. 54.

Here are the details:

WHAT: Cannabis Advocacy Day

WHERE: Vermont State House, 115 State Street, Montpelier, VT

WHEN: 8-10 a.m., State House Cafeteria, 2nd Floor — Informal meet-and-greet breakfast with legislators. Complimentary coffee, bagels, and pastries will be served.
11 a.m., Cedar Creek Room, 2nd Floor — Press conference with legislators and advocates.

WHO: Supporters of S. 54 — Please RSVP here.

You can read a summary of the bill, as approved by the House Government Operations Committee, here.

Please contact your representatives now and ask for their support. Then, share this message with your family and friends!