Vermont Bill to End Marijuana Prohibition Introduced Tuesday

Feb 18, 2015

David Zuckerman, Hinesburg, S. 95, Tax and Regulate, Vermont

Vermont legislators have a unique opportunity in 2015. Instead of leaving marijuana production and sale in the hands of illicit dealers, they could decide to move forward with legislation that would regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol.

[caption id="attachment_8549" align="alignright" width="300"]DZuckerman Sen. David Zuckerman[/caption]

Yesterday, a bill was introduced in the Senate that would end marijuana prohibition in Vermont. Senator David Zuckerman (P-Hinesburg) introduced S. 95, which would make marijuana legal for adults and allow the state to begin regulating marijuana production and sale. It would also allow adults to cultivate two mature plants in an enclosed, locked facility.

If you are a Vermont resident, please contact your representatives and senators today and ask for their support.