Senate committee says N.H. “isn’t ready” to end prohibition

Dec 04, 2019

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Senate committee says N.H. “isn’t ready” to end prohibition

In reality, cannabis legalization is more popular than any N.H. politician — email your elected officials and ask for their support!

Yesterday, New Hampshire’s Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send HB 481, the legalization and regulation bill, to “interim study.” This unfortunate outcome has been expected for several months, and advocates have already turned their attention to new legislation that will be considered in 2020.

Sadly, two members of the committee were quoted in The Union Leader saying that New Hampshire “isn’t ready” for legalization. This inaccurate perception persists in the Senate, despite polls showing that legalization is more popular than any politician in New Hampshire.

Please email your elected officials today and encourage them to support the 2020 bill to end cannabis prohibition in New Hampshire! Then, please share this message with your family and friends and urge them to do so as well.