San Jose City Council considering banning cannabis smoking and vaping

Dec 08, 2021

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San Jose City Council considering banning cannabis smoking and vaping

Urge Council members to remove cannabis from the proposed at-home smoking ban.

Five years after California voters legalized cannabis for adults, the San Jose City Council is considering taking a giant step backwards. It is considering including cannabis in a proposed ban on smoking and vaping in apartments and condos. Smoking cannabis in public is illegal, so this would essentially re-criminalize cannabis for anyone who doesn’t live in a single-family home or duplex.

The Council is also considering how such a ban would be enforced, which might include eviction.

Tomorrow afternoon, a Council committee will hear from the public on the proposal, including about whether cannabis smoking and/or cannabis vaping should be included in the ban, and what the penalties should be for violations. 

Here’s what you can do to defend your hard-won rights:

1) Send the committee members a message using our automated system. Consider personalizing the letter, especially if this impacts you directly.

2) Speak out at tomorrow’s hearing:

TOMORROW,  Thursday, December 9, meeting starts at 1:30 p.m.
The smoking ban is item d.3 on the agenda.
You can comment by Zoom OR call in by phone: 888 475 4499. Webinar ID: 935 2441 5809
Click *9 to raise a hand to speak. Press *6 to unmute.
Details are available here.

3) Spread the word. Share this on social media and mobilize your friends.

Let the City Council know
 it’s wrong to ban cannabis vaping and smoking at home.

Unlike cigarettes, cannabis is not linked to lung cancer. Rather than being a hazard, cannabis is an essential part of treatment for millions of Americans. And for many, edibles are no substitute: Lots of cannabis consumers rely on the rapid effect and precise dosage of inhaled cannabis.

Advocates have defeated similar, misguided proposals in San Francisco and my city — West Hollywood — where cannabis was exempted.

Together, we can stop this ill-conceived proposal, which would strip San Jose City residents of their rights and set a devastating precedent.