Rhode Island Legislators Announce Intent to End Marijuana Prohibition

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Sen. Josh Miller

Rhode Island Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Josh Miller and House Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Edith Ajello held a press conference today to announce that they will introduce a bill to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol. The founder of Brown University’s Alcohol & Addiction Studies Center, a former Providence police officer, and other opinion leaders joined them to call for this more sensible approach. 

The Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act is similar to the laws in Colorado and Washington. The proposal would allow individuals 21 and older to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana. It also directs the Department of Revenue to license and regulate marijuana producers and 10 retail marijuana stores. This sensible approach to marijuana would create new industries with new jobs and raise needed revenue for the state. It would also allow law enforcement focus on more serious crimes.

MPP and Regulate Rhode Island are working hard to ensure that this is the year Rhode Island ends its marijuana prohibition, but we need your help. If you are a Rhode Island resident, email your lawmakers and ask them to support this important legislation and then ask your friends and family in the Ocean State to do the same.

Finally, if you have experienced first-hand how problematic marijuana prohibition is, take a few moments to tell us your story.

6 responses to “Rhode Island Legislators Announce Intent to End Marijuana Prohibition”

  1. Good news hope your successful…..end this ridiculous wast of tax dollars and assault on the constitution…..how free are you really, when a DOG has the power to take your rights away? The SCOTUS has said a dog is sufficient evidence of a crime to be anal probed or digitally raped on the side of the road to search for pot!

  2. Mr. Obama ,
    Tear down this industrialized prohibition complex!
    The so-called “War on Drugs”(mostly a war on cannabis) recreated a new slave “Prison Plantation” hidden behind razor wire fences with armed overseer’s towers…filled with the descendants of the slaves who came before them…more’s the pity!
    The War on Drugs is a War on the Citizens of The United States of America.
    Stop it!

  3. Rhode Island Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Josh Miller and House Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Edith Ajello should be praised, I hope they know they are appreciated deeply by the community. Remember folks, home cultivation should be a right, don’t let a state take it all (ahem wa)

  4. I strongly agree and support everything that was written in this article.

    Legalizing Marijuana Is the right thing to do for so many reasons. “reasons listed above in article”

    ..i strongly agree with everything that was written in this article….not only will legalizing marijuana bring a much needed tax revenue to this great state of Rhode Island…but will stop the black market trade..and make it tougher for minors to obtain…

    even if you don’t smoke marijuana read this article and you will agree that legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do.

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