Rhode Island Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Tax and Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

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Rep. Ajello T&R presser 02062013

At a press conference Wednesday, Rhode Island State Rep. Edith Ajello (pictured at right) and State Sen. Donna Nesselbush announced the introduction of a bill to make marijuana legal for adults 21 and older and establish a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol. So far the bill has 19 sponsors, including Republican House Minority Leader Brian Newberry.

RIFuture.org reports:

Under the Marijuana Regulation, Control and Taxation Act, criminal penalties for the private possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and for the home growing of up to three mature marijuana plants would be removed; a tightly regulated system of marijuana retail stores, cultivation and research facilities would be established; and the Department of Business Regulation would establish rules regulating security, labeling, health and safety requirements.

A story about the event in the Pawtucket Times conveyed Sen. Nesselbush’s strong case for the bill:

“Marijuana, like alcohol, has long been with us and is widely used,” Nesselbush told reporters at an afternoon news conference. “The question is: how are we going to deal with it?

“Will the state determine the time, place and manner or will we leave it up to criminals to sell it anywhere at any time to anyone? Will the state act boldly to create a legitimate industry that creates jobs and generates legitimate tax revenue or will we continue to unwittingly support gangs and cartels? Are we going to spend the hard-earned tax dollars from hard-working taxpayers to punish and incarcerate individuals for consuming a substance that appears to be less harmful than alcohol?”

The Rhode Island bill was rolled out just one day after members of Congress introduced historic legislation to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol at the federal level. If you have yet to do so, please contact your represenative totday and encourage them to support an end to federal marijuana prohibition.

(Photo courtesy of Rebecca McGoldrick, Coalition for Marijuana Regulation)

7 responses to “Rhode Island Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Tax and Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol”

  1. The most legit and productive approach to weed. Negating all the pot hysteria and likely to promote social well being. Not to mention collecting a fortune in taxes.

    What mates and self have theorized throughout Australia for yonks!

  2. Fairer communities, safer choice than alcohol/tobacco & harm reduction as well help state tax like alcohol/tobacco & regulated for adults w/ID card.

  3. I strongly agree with regulation, as well as a radiation to help the USA get out of debt. Also it helps the sick people or the homeopathic ways that people choose. I have done both for medical reasoning and between the narcotics that are prsceibed I would much rather do the natural way. It would also help the govt in putting more jobs for us. I would like to end it as well as for the kids today that can get a hold of all these narcotics in medicine cabinets, I have never heard of anyone be killed from smoking to much marijuana. So please help support the fight against the federal leagalazation.

  4. Not that we should stop advocating, but it’s all been said and proven…
    Now we have to hope that the politicians will attempt to understand the will of the people they work for!!!

  5. t 70 yrs. old, I’ve watched the war on marijuana for decades. And I say to you that if you are against legalizing marijuana for those over 21, then by default, you are FOR the continued killing of Americans by government drug-warriors over marijuana. It happened. It’s still happening. I know this: no one’s life should be forfeited in death over a weed people enjoy or need using. Read the Shafer Commission Report on the decrim of Marijuana 1972, that’s not a typo, by Richard Nixon admin. He threw it in the trash. Read Francis J. Young, DEA Law Judge report on the medical benefits of cannabis, 1968, again, not a typo. Thrown in the trashcan too. It’s a mystery to me why. Go to the source, read and draw your own conclusion. I believe it’s a shame on USA. Search the two above and these below,:

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