Rhode Island Bill to Regulate Marijuana Coming Soon

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Rep. Edith Ajello

State Representative Edith Ajello (D – Providence) and state Senator Josh Miller (D –Cranston) are currently reaching out to their colleagues to ask them to sign on to their proposal to replace Rhode Island’s marijuana prohibition with a system that regulates marijuana for adults’ use. If you are a Rhode Island residentemail your state representative and senator today and ask them to sign on to this bill as a cosponsor!

The Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act is similar to the laws that voters approved in Colorado and Washington in 2012. The proposal would allow individuals 21 and older to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana. It also directs the Department of Revenue to license and regulate marijuana producers and retail marijuana stores. This sensible approach to marijuana would create new industries with new jobs and raise needed revenue for the state. It would also allow law enforcement focus on more serious crimes.

5 responses to “Rhode Island Bill to Regulate Marijuana Coming Soon”

  1. Rhode Island will allow home cultivation…Why won’t Illinoi$ ?

    What’s the difference?…$…Why should the poor ill and disabled be forced to pay through the nose from a “dispensary” for a simple to grow at home herb?
    The myth that cannabis is difficult to grow is ridiculous!
    Once established, cannabis is difficult to eradicate… although cannabis is actually an herb, it is incorrectly labeled a pernicious weed!
    I wish this movement was more about Cannabis Justice rather than Cannabis dollar$ !

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