Regulations Finalized for Legal Marijuana Sales in Washington

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Yesterday, WashingtonWash finalized the rules that will regulate the sale of recreational marijuana throughout the state. The Liquor Control Board outlined the regulations following a year of research, debate, and hearings. The result is a system very similar to Colorado’s. It requires seed to sale tracking, child resistant packaging, quality control testing done by a third party, and other safeguards. The regulations also require background checks for potential storeowners, a ban on out of state funding, and prohibit anyone from holding more than three store licenses. Beginning November 18, the Liquor Control Board will accept applications for the 334 licenses available throughout the state of Washington.

The pressure on the Liquor Control Board is high as many state legislatures view Washington and Colorado as tests for the possibility of a tax and regulate policy in their own states. Key players in finalizing the rules commented to USA Today:

“We feel very proud of what we’re doing,” said Sharon Foster, chairwoman of the Washington Liquor Control Board, as she and her two colleagues approved the rules. “We are making history.”

“What the Liquor Control Board has done is build a template for the responsible regulation of marijuana,” said Alison Holcomb, the Seattle lawyer who drafted Washington’s marijuana initiative. “This is a template that is going to be reviewed by other states, and already is being reviewed by other countries.”

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  1. Denver has more dispensaries than all of Colorado has Starbucks and retail shops don’t open until Jan 2014! So in Washington it looks like their going to tax medical and recreational the same. Luckily, in Colorado, no changes have been made to existing Medical Marijuana (Amendment 20) Laws, and the tax for Recreational Marijuana (Amendment 64) will be voted on (Prop AA), as any tax must be voter approved. It looks like it will pass.

    Colorado is giving preference to established Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and the transition looks like it is going rather smoothly. Right now prices for medical are going up as the dispensaries hoard product . They will be allowed a one-time transfer of product from medical to recreational. In Colorado resale of recreational is unlikely, as the price will be higher due to heavier taxation.

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