N.M.: Special session to legalize cannabis begins TOMORROW

Mar 29, 2021

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N.M.: Special session to legalize cannabis begins TOMORROW

Email your elected officials and urge them to support the legalization bill!

New Mexico lawmakers fell just short of reaching agreement on a cannabis legalization bill before the legislative session ended on March 20. Fortunately, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has called for a special session so the legislature can complete its work on this important issue. The special session will begin TOMORROW.

It’s important that lawmakers hear from you. Email your elected officials right now and urge them to support ending prohibition this year!

Polling has found that more than 60% of New Mexicans support legalizing, taxing, and regulating cannabis for adult use. The House passed a legalization bill, HB 12, last month, but the Senate was not able to agree on details and did not vote on the bill before the regular session ended.

Gov. Grisham expressed confidence that legislators would be able to complete their work and pass a legalization bill during the special session. “We must and we will forge ahead and finish the job on these initiatives together for the good of the people and future of our great state,” she said.

After you write your lawmakers, please share this important message with your family and friends.