N.H. Legislature is back to work: Let lawmakers know it’s time to legalize!

Jan 05, 2022

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Let your New Hampshire lawmakers know it’s time to legalize!

New Hampshire’s legislature convened its 2022 legislative session today, starting another year where the “Live Free or Die” State is an island of prohibition, surrounded by states and a country where cannabis is legal.

The state House of Representatives may vote on two different legalization bills tomorrow (Thursday) that were retained in committee! Let your state legislators know it’s time to get with the times.

In addition, six new proposals have been introduced to legalize cannabis or to refer legalization to voters — including one sponsored by the chair of the House committee that stalled legalization in 2021. (Chair Daryl Abbas’ bill would require cannabis to be sold through state-run stores, which isn’t feasible due to federal prohibition.) The voter referrals require 60% in each the House and Senate, plus two-thirds of the popular vote on Election Day — but they can’t be vetoed by Gov. Chris Sununu (R), who remains staunchly opposed.

In May, a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll found off-the-charts support for legalization, at 75%. Elected officials need to hear that the overwhelming majority of their voters are tired of the failed, destructive policy of prohibition.

Ask your legislators to make 2022 the year New Hampshire legalizes cannabis.
Then, spread the word.