N.H.: Legalization bill introduced in House!

Jan 17, 2019

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N.H.: Legalization bill introduced in House!

We will need two-thirds majorities to overcome Gov. Sununu's veto threat — email your state legislators today!

Rep. Renny Cushing's legalization bill has been introduced in the New Hampshire House with a bipartisan slate of 11 cosponsors, and it has been assigned a number: HB 481.

Please email your state representative(s) and senator today and encourage them to support HB 481, the bill to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis.

It's encouraging that new House Speaker Steve Shurtleff believes the bill can pass even though Gov. Chris Sununu has threatened to veto it. However, a veto override will only be possible if legislators hear from large numbers of their constituents in support of such a bill. If you receive a response from a legislator, it would be very helpful if you could share it with us via email.

HB 481 has been referred to the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, and a public hearing has already been scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 5, in Room 204 of the Legislative Office Building (33 N State St., Concord). Check out our summary of the bill here, and please plan to attend the hearing, if possible, on February 5.

After you email your state legislators, please forward this message to your family and friends!