N.H. House votes to legalize cannabis possession — but shoots down legal sales

Jan 06, 2022

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Ask your state senator to support legalization!

This morning, New Hampshire’s GOP-controlled House of Representatives voted to legalize possession and home cultivation of cannabis ­— advancing HB 629 in a lopsided 241-113 vote. Unfortunately, it rejected a more comprehensive legalization bill that included sales — HB 237 — in a 163-170 vote last night.

HB 629 now heads to the Senate. The legislature will also consider six new proposals to legalize cannabis or to refer legalization to voters.

Although the Senate has repeatedly killed legalization bills in past years, it is getting increasingly difficult to ignore the overwhelming — and growing — popular support. In May, a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll found 75% support for legalization — with only 16% opposed!

But it’s vital that elected officials hear that their constituents care about this issue. Ask your legislators to make 2022 the year New Hampshire legalizes cannabis. Then, spread the news and invite your friends to stand up for sensible cannabis policies!