New York Legalization Bills Introduced

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Bills to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana for adults have been introduced in both the New York Senate and the Assembly. The bills — S3040 and A3506 — would allow adults 18 and over to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants. They also set up a regulatory system for businesses to cultivate, process, and sell cannabis to adults 21 and up.

Other bills have been introduced to fix New York’s flawed decriminalization law, under which thousands of people — mostly young people of color — have been forced by police to empty their pockets and have then been arrested for having marijuana in public view. While these would be positive steps, a more comprehensive reform would do more to end arrests for low-level marijuana offenses. It would also improve public safety by taking marijuana out of the criminal market.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently acknowledged that “Individuals can miss work, be fired, [and] establish a record that prevents them from finding work in the future,” because of a marijuana arrest. If you are a New York resident, please tell your legislators that New Yorkers shouldn’t have their futures hamstrung because they choose to use a substance safer than alcohol.

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  1. Not because of any real science, but because of politics, we have a history of PRETENDING that cannabis is highly addictive. There are NO facts that support that. To the contrary, there are many studies that show cannabis has many medicinal properties.

    Yet we have incarcerated an unconscionable number of minority offenders for use of this substance that is safer than alcohol. In addition to squandering taxpayer money on imprisonment, we have destroyed the earning potential of these people once the are released. Talk about a lose/lose policy…..

    For these reasons, I support S3040 and A3506. Let’s stop damaging our people.

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