New poll shows bipartisan support for legalization among Pennsylvanians

May 18, 2020

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New poll shows bipartisan support for legalization among Pennsylvanians

Tell your state lawmakers you support allowing the sale of adult-use cannabis.

We hope you and your loved ones are well during these challenging times.

A recent poll commissioned by the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition shows Pennsylvania voters support allowing adult-use cannabis sales, particularly to meet anticipated budget challenges due to COVID-19. Voters polled in each region of the state preferred to see the state control, regulate, and tax the sale of adult-use cannabis instead of raising taxes. The poll also showed should cannabis be legalized, residents prefer licensed dispensaries over state-controlled stores.

Let your lawmakers know you want them to listen to voters and end Pennsylvania’s senseless war on marijuana.

Although many legislatures have adjourned due to concerns related to the coronavirus, Pennsylvania has adopted rules to allow remote voting. Early this year, Rep. Jake Wheatley introduced House Bill 2050, which improves on prior proposals to legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in the state. Although the bill is not expected to pass this year, Rep. Wheatley’s bill adds to a rapidly developing conversation in support of legalization.

As the momentum continues to build for legalized, regulated sales of cannabis to adults in Pennsylvania, please take a few minutes to email your state lawmakers to add your voice to the growing number of Keystone residents who support marijuana legalization. With primary elections coming up, stay tuned for voter guides and other opportunities to get engaged as the election approaches.