N.H. House Passes Bill To Legalize, Tax, and Regulate Marijuana!

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The New Hampshire House of Representatives took a major step forward today, voting 170-162 to approve a bill that would legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana for use by adults in the “Live Free or Die” state.

Unfortunately, Gov. Maggie Hassan has already promised she will veto the bill if it reaches her desk. “I just think it’s the wrong message to send to young people,” she explained.

Based on Colorado’s Amendment 64, HB 492 would end New Hampshire’s failed prohibition of marijuana and replace it with a system of sensible regulation. This is the first time any state legislative chamber has approved such a bill, so it’s great to see that New Hampshire legislators have been willing to evolve along with the shift in public opinion!

Next the bill will be referred to the House Ways and Means Committee. A second vote by the House will be held in February or March, and if HB 492 passes a second time, it will head to the Senate.

22 responses to “N.H. House Passes Bill To Legalize, Tax, and Regulate Marijuana!”

  1. If Gov. Hassan vetoes this bill, the voters of New Hampshire need to veto her job. We need to make it hazardous for employment health to support Prohibition or the Drug War. That’s what they did to us to wage their splendid little failure of a war, and turnabout is fair play. Let’s see how they like it.

    BTW, I’m suspecting that Hassan and some of the legislature, as in most elected bodies right now, are all in the pockets of the Drug War profiteering industries. Look at the vote: first it succeeded, then they voted for a revote to reconsider their actions and it failed, then they revoted again and it passed. WTF? I’m tempted to believe that that first revote had something to do with their Drug War profiteer masters/owners calling up and saying “you’d better reconsider your actions or we’ll reconsider our donations to your campaign”. We really need to make those corporations SO AFRAID to screw with the legislative process and circumvent the will of the people!

  2. Although these sensible reforms are unlikely to get past Gov. Hassan, this should make a large segment of The Important People sit up and take notice.

    New Hampshire has a highly visible role in the presidential primaries. It would be good if politicians from both parties recognized, before the-first-in-the-nation-primaries, that Americans from both Right and Left are sick of The War on Cannabis.

    Way to go, MPP–thanks for your help on this important issue.

  3. The state really needs this to pass. i know someone that drank to much and killed people and didnt see more than 8 months in jail. I dont know anybody who smoked some pot and killed someone. Can someone just fire gov hassan. and let new hampshire have this.

  4. Please explain your article a bit more. If NH is the first state legislative chamber to approve a bill to legalize marijuana, how did the law pass in CO and WA? Perhaps I’m misreading this? I’m happy that at least some of our elected reps are listening to the majority but it’s a hollow victory, since our Gov has already said she’ll veto it. Whatever happened to majority rules?

  5. Legislation: Castle Law and Stand-Your-Ground. A reaction to the Ward Bird case. (Yes Kelly Ayotte, I’m looking at your record. How you made the Lakes Region safe for out-of-state sensibilities.)
    Forecast: Blood in the streets, “powerless Police”, inability of Prosecutors to obtain indictments and convictions.
    Years later there’s a new Forecast: “GEORGE ZIMMERMAN111 we won’t be another Florida, we won’t have another Trayvon Martin! Repeal NOW111!”

    We haven’t been Florida. We haven’t been awash in blood, nor have the police been “powerless”.
    No one mentioned “Castle Law” when the Chief of the Greenland PD was murdered, doing his job, executing a warrant for a known threat in the community. NO ONE SAID – “The killer was justified”.
    NO ONE.
    Castle, and Stand-Your-Ground HAS TO be repealed, as there’s a litmus test nationally.
    To do so, you’re one of the k00l kidz worthy of the National spotlight. Proven anti-teabagger.

    So this “message to our children” the problem with de-regulation of cannabis, of hemp, is equally groundless. Stop expending energy on weed, focus on those drugs where a single hit can leave you permanently damaged. Meth, Salts, and the like.
    Of course the downside is, asset seizures for possession/sale/growing marijuana will cease.
    That a weed bust, won’t be equal to Meth or Heroin when it comes to obtaining grant money.
    Nor should it be.
    KEEP IMPORTED WEED ILLEGAL. Why fund the narco-terrorists, when you could regulate production here instead? Can’t be done?
    We did so during World War II… while fighting a global war.

    PS: I’m so asthmatic, as to be unable to be around smoke from any source. So smoking this stuff is of no interest to me.
    I am conscious of those persons with addictive personality traits who can’t be around marijuana or it takes over their lives. Just as-happended with chewing gum, cheezits, cigarettes, and beer. MJ alone, isn’t their issue. Addiction, is.

  6. Becca,

    Washington and Colorado’s laws were enacted directly by voters via ballot initiatives. They were not passed by state legislatures (though an implementing law was enacted by the Colorado legislature after voters passed the measure). Twenty-seven states — including New Hampshire — don’t have the initiative process, so the only way we’ll be able to end marijuana prohibition in those states is through legislatures.

  7. @Yankee_farmer: Take a look at Portugal: They de-criminalized ALL drugs about a decade ago, if I’m remembering right, took the money away from Drug Warriors and instead used it to fund effective rehab for ANYONE who wanted it, and they have cut their drug addiction rates in half!

    It’s not that the highly unconstitutional and immoral techniques of the Drug War should only “focus on those drugs where a single hit can leave you permanently damaged. Meth, Salts, and the like” because that tactic doesn’t work. Criminalizing addicts doesn’t work, and it only makes the problem worse. Criminalizing the general public a priori using such unconstitutional methods as drug testing also has proven to be entirely ineffective and ultimately detrimental to our nation on many levels. The entire Drug War needs to be completely and utterly DESTROYED, burnt to the ground, and the ground should be salted so nothing can ever grow again.

    Please don’t throw addicts of harder drugs on the refuse heap, because the Drug War only really targets marijauna because it is the majority illegal drug and pads their numbers, creating an illusion of efficacy. And please don’t hold our civil rights so cheaply that you’re okay to continue the unconstitutional Drug War and its assault on our liberty, its effort to criminalize all of us, as long as they only focus on “those guys”.

    I speak as a non-user too. My interest in this fight is the protection of my civil rights and the fact that workplace rights have gone into the toilet since drug testing took over.

  8. Hey Smiley! ( Karen O’Keefe)

    Thanks for explaining that many States (including Illinois) don’t trust “We the People” with the self- regulating/decision making power of ballot initiatives.

    Power to the People or bow to our Overlords like Sheeple?

    Eric K. Johnson

  9. I’m more than a bit concerned with MPP and their influence on the current Arizona Marijuana laws. They are working against the people and for their corporate masters. Arizona allow patients to grow there own Marijuana only if you live 25 miles or more from a dispensary. A rule MPP is proud to have written in to the law. The state of Arizona has arranged the locations of dispensary so that 97% of patients can not legally grow marijuana. This has created a system that gives all the growing rights to a few Marijuana corporations. Most if not all the Marijuana corporations in the state of Arizona are members of MPP. MPP’s stated agenda is to limit the competition and to assure that as many of their own members as possible received dispensary licenses. With out competition the prices are inflated even though they dispensary is a not for profit it has no legal obligation to register as a non profit or report earnings. The dispensary charges are so high (street drug dealer prices) I would have to spend up to 30% of my income on meds through MPP’s dispensary system. While at the same time I can get opium based pain killers for free. I understand there are cost associated with growing marijuana. However, a criminal can sell their product that is comparable to the dispensary product (there are no rules or law concerning quality or purity for the dispensary products) and make huge profits. Then one should be able to find marijuana in a not-for-profit dispensary at a much more reasonable cost. But this is not the case, many patients do not have the resources to pay pothead prices for medication. If your a pot head, just want to get high, then MPP is your friend. If, your poor and have a medical need for marijuana the pot head law does not help you get affordable, legal medications. MPP like all lobbyist write the laws for their corporate sponsors benefit . Sadly it will be recreation use that will drive the price not the medical need.

  10. Follow the money? How soon before the coffin nail and booze dealers take over the entire cannabis market”?…$$$$?
    Did everyone forget that this is 1% ruled/dominated Corporate America?…Hustler’s keep hustlin’ and Suckers keep getting suckered…it’s built into the System!
    The terribly flawed Illinois law requires fingerprinting!!!
    Citizens of Illinois can purchase a case of whisky and be prescribed narcotic pain drugs by a Physician but must submit to being fingerprinted (like an accused criminal) in order to receive cannabis therapy?…absurd on its face!
    Fooled again!…and again…and…how many times more?
    It’s a joke…just not a funny one…and it’s on us!

    Eric K. Johnson

  11. I think marijuana is a driving hazard, other then that, it belongs in the home only, not on the roads. It was the safest street drug back in the early 70’s. Safer then booze and prescription drugs on the streets. I would like the chance to try it again myself, but I know it can make you throw up and make your mind wonder. It may get people back on cigarettes from its inhale who quit. I would believe it to be safer if prescribed by a qualified educated physician. I still remember it as being something that makes you feel cool, and peaceful and calm . I have post traumatic stress and it may help me , focus on things I remember being fun at one time, before other drugs mixed in, and fun turned to ruin. It should not be easy, the world has seen enough problems too quick come upon people, like out of nowhere. It would be like bringing back the hippies again. The peace pipe has been around for centuries. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to find ways to cover up pain in a non-straight country with rareness of pure happiness and health.,without some kind of drug, including caffeine, it is just another product to deal with a life , everyone has to candy coat to be sane with the devil being the prince of the air., in a world full of hurt seen daily. Marijuana is another hallucination to block reality. Keep it off the streets while driving and teens.

  12. It’s an amazing plant. My folks asked me to leave at 17 because I was trying to grow it in my bedroom. Now my mom wants to try smoking it at 75. Hemp would be a boon to farmers in Colorado and Washington. Hemp used to be the rope, fabric, paper, and oil crop that was made illegal to grow after WWII.
    Regardless of the politics, Hemp is superior to the cotton we currently grow for Levis, or other long lasting, fabric and rope products.

  13. It’s more environmentally correct to make paper from hemp, which could be grown as an annual crop, than to cut down a forest that takes thirty years to grow.
    Let’s move on with a beneficial plant to society and industry, instead of just judging those who enjoy it’s psychoactive benefits.
    I’ve always believed it was immoral to make a law against a plant anyway.

  14. I’ve been smoking cannabis for twenty years and have never thrown up lol. People are starting to open there minds and realize that cannabis contains Endocannabinoids that our bodies need because the Endocannabinoid system in our body is being overwhelmed by deadly carcinogens from the food we eat to the pollution in the air.(I ingest cannabis there’s no need to smoke it but if that’s your thing no one has the right to stop you) Up until now our bodies Endocannabinoid system did a good job protecting us. But its being overwhelmed and we need help. In steps cannabis. Goggle Richard Paul Endocannabinoid and make up your own minds. I live by one rule ” believe nothing that you hear and half of what you see” please don’t take my word for do your own digging and tell the ones you love and your friends what you’ve found. Look on YouTube for the Endocannabinoid system to get you started. I can only show you the way what it’s up to you to open your mind and see through the lies.
    As far as I’m concerned. Cannabis isn’t illegal prohibition is!!!

  15. every go start petition’s from each state from New York to Alabama an California everywhere, we can just all sign each others petitions to get anti-pot gov officials fired 😀 We must stand together! Potheads unite! hahahah, together we are many alone we are stoned lmao I smoke to control my annoying adhd symptoms 5 joints a day when possible on that lil scale hahah I do indulge sometimes, but new study shows you can’t OD on pot it doesn’t affect the part of your brain that controls your breathing 😉

  16. It is about time that you catch up with the other states .Make history sign the bill. More taxes,more jobs,less crime. Or you could just wait for the next election to find another job!

  17. Note to Yankee_Farmer: Contrary to your impression, cannabis might not be dangerous to you with your asthma. There have been countless anecdotal reports of asthma being relieved by cannabis. The anti-convulsant properties of cannabis may relax the choking constrictions of an asthma attack. Especially with non-smoked, that is, vaporized, inhalation, it might be helpful. I am not a medical professional and am not assuming to give medical advice–but look into it a little bit.
    I’d love to see license plates from the Granite State that improved the old heroic state motto–“Live Free or Die.” How about “Live Free and High!”

  18. I am disabled with multiple health issues including severe pain. My dr said to smoke pot! She said as soon as it’s finalized she will give me a card but with all the delays, I can’t imagine waiting a year or two or more for a dispensary to be approved! Gov Maggie Hassan needs to understand no one has ever overdosed on pot! It’s a plant and very much less dangerous than heroin or meth! Focus on treatment for addicts on those drugs and finalize getting medical marijuana cards asap! Nh live free or die is always the last state to do anything meaninful, like helping ill patients and we were the last state to get public kindergarten! Grow with the times nh and realize the money to be made by finalizing the legalization of marijuana!

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