MPP’s Rob Kampia on Fox News’ Glenn Beck Show Today

Feb 25, 2009 , ,

MPP executive director Rob Kampia will be interviewed by Fox News’ Glenn Beck today about California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s bill to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. The show airs starting at 5 p.m. Eastern time. While TV schedules are always subject to last-minute change, we’re told Rob should be on at about 5:20 p.m. Eastern.

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  1. I just watched the interview. It’s funny, Glen admited to smoking pot in the past and called it a huge mistake, I respect his personal opinion. However, he really had nothing to say when points were brought up about treating it like beer and tobacco as far as regulation and taxation go. He just made his point that he thought it was bad for you.

    Great interview Rob Kampia!

  2. Beck tried to claim Kampia left NORML to start MPP because all they did all day at NORML was sit around and get stoned.

    I simply can’t wait til NORML gets hold of that little gem lol.

  3. My experience at my first NORML meeting in Philadelphia was disappointing to say the least. 3 of the 10 attendees were typical stoner types that no legislator would ever pay any attention to. I sent 3 emails to the leader of the group and got NO REPLIES. One of the attendees was facing 10 years in jail.

    I have issues with both sides. The cops surely set him up. Spreng clearly had a grow op going and after 12 years of lousy connections in Philly, frankly, I’m pissed that I didn’t know about it!!!!!

  4. Rob Kampia was viewed as nothing less than a well seasoned media champ today sports fans. That’s the way confidence should be portrayed, calm and well rehersed from years of legislation, community education presentations, etc., etc. I’m proud of you Mr. Kampia! You have helped us close the gap a lot closer to ending prohibition, a lot more than you realize today. Sleep well, your the hero of many sick and dying patients and we all thank you. God bless you in your personal life my dear friend.

  5. OK, so I changed my mind. The idea of everybody marking bills has some romantic charm but doesn’t really get at the 121 people that hold the fate of AB 390 in their hands.

    What every cannabis law reformer in every state and country needs to do is send as much cash as you can afford to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mark it if you like. The address is:

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Office of the Governor
    State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Get it? Spread it.

  6. maybe its justme but i kept waiting on the legal issues to be exchanged, on how they came by marijuana being illegal to begin with, and how it is a constitutional right to choose my medicine, my pleasure, or how the great multitude of uses for a single plant that anyone can grow and use is being held for ransom by thieving politicians and lawyers.

  7. Glenn Beck is a douche. If you haven’t watched it, it will make you want to smack it… the kid who was interviewed could not hold his own during the interview as well.

    Excuse me, I have to go throw up.

  8. Great job with the interview! Considering Beck went at it as a big joke. He’s only upset that he won’t be able to partake once it’s legalized because of his non stop banter in regards to his sobriety. Mr. GoodyTwoShoes Beck. I used to watch him quite a bit, not always agreeing, but this time he crossed (my) line. I won’t be watching Mr. Oh So Perfect anymore.

    Again, great job with the interview Rob. If it were me I would have gotten upset and probably played right into his hand. You handled it great, be proud. At least marijuana legalization is finally making it to mainsteam discussions.

  9. Only when people take positive proactive action with this and educate the country on the truth of Cannabis, will we be able to get this into law. The brainwashed christens and fundies still think its the “Devils Lettuce” that makes you evil if you use it. These people are the ones that are scared of it and we all need to keep educating them on the facts of science and how they have been lied to about the dangers of Cannabis. This will be a critical time to spread the truth and kill the lies. Let the sunshine of the truth free these lost souls. Those that are against it are only against it because they have been scared into being afraid of it.

    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

  10. I agree with Beck most of the time, he’s wrapped a little tight but whatever. This is my first visit to this site but it won’t be my last. I’m glad Beck had Mr. Kampia on it was great to hear someone with the composure and facts to present to Becks audience who as a rule are a level headed “common sense” sort of people. Despite Beck making himself look like a putz on this issue I think the people got the point thanks to Mr. Kampias excellent points.
    I for one will be paying more attention now.

  11. Glen Beck really did not look like a former head, but you have to appreciate that he did provide a small discussion,even though he tried to make light of a very important concern to many of us. That is what I have come ot expect from the uninformed media. End prohibition & continue the discussion.ASAP

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