MPP’s Mason Tvert Discusses Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue On CNN

Feb 24, 2014 , , ,

Last week, new estimates of the tax revenue that Colorado stands to gain from legal marijuana sales were released, and they are significantly greater than originally thought.

Watch MPP’s Mason Tvert  discuss these revenue projections and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s plans for the extra money on CNN:

6 responses to “MPP’s Mason Tvert Discusses Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue On CNN”

  1. This illustrates the hypocrisy of those advocating for “Legalisation”, which is simply putting lipstick on the pig of prohibition and a giant step in the wrong direction. If they were really concerned about ‘protecting our youth’ this money would be dedicated to educating and treating those who are negatively impacted by pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Instead they are putting almost 50% of revenues into perpetuating the myth of the dangers of cannabis, preparing for the flood of folks who are going to overdose on cannabis. This is a pathetic excuse for creating more bureaucracies, government controls and corporate monopolies. Of course none of these ‘drug warriors’ , fellow travelers and decision makers have the cojones to confront the BigPharma, Tobacco and Alcohol Industries who are responsible for thousands of deaths every year. If they did then who would select them for public office, finance their legislative agendas, pay for fancy seminars/vacations/golfing boondoggles etc.
    What a miserable bunch of venal, opportunistic sycophants.
    Don’t support any “Legislation”. Work for free and open access.
    Patrick Monk. RN Hospice Case Manager. SF. Ca. USA.
    Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

  2. Wow! Patrick Monk, RN! The ball is headed downfield towards the opponents goal. But, a little reality check is Ok. The gov of Colorado (H-looper) never wanted Cannabis legalized, but went ahead and signed the proposition into law when he received assurances his cronies in the ‘rehab’ business would be compensated. Now, he wants to misdirect $85 million USD of the skimmed taxes from Cannabis sales to the ‘rehab’ business of his political supporters. How many Coloradans are hooked on ‘Big Pharma’ oxy-opioids? How many Coloradans will die drunks? How many meth-amphetamine ‘tweakers’ are there in Colorado that are now helplessly addicted to arguably the most addictive substance on the planet. Oh! Did we mention good old ‘civic minded’ cocaine? How about LSD? And, Madge’s favorite, MDMA? If all there was out there was Cannabis, the world would be a safer place. But, co-existent with the rise in Cannabis consumption throughout the globe are these associations with other deleterious substances like Heroin. Is Cannabis truly THE gateway drug? No…probably not. Alcohol (beer) is the #1 gateway drug for teen agers, bar none. Then, ‘graduation’ to pot may occur…and, beyond. Why do we have to spend so much of the tax revenue from Cannabis on such brain-washing outfits as ‘rehab’ centers funded for the express political purpose of granting those closest to Gov H-looper a steady plum? Shouldn’t some of that money be re-invested in Cannabis research?

  3. I think they should give more to law enforcement,to keep them happy.Give the police a raise,& give them the funding to go after hard crimes.Every body who has hid under a rock & felt awkward about getting a little buzz after work can now feel at ease.I don’t even live in a legal state,but I feel the victory.Thank you mpp & any other groups or people who got the ball rolling.

  4. what i think everything is going fine as the marijuana is going to be legalized in the future. Like at the present time it has been legalize for the medical purpose. It a great step and generate a new hope in terms of economy and health.
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