Montana legalization measures will qualify for the ballot

Jul 21, 2020

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Montana legalization measures will qualify for the ballot

On Friday, July 17, we got an exciting update out of Big Sky Country: according to numbers tallied by local officials, BOTH legalization initiatives have received enough signatures to qualify for the statewide ballot this fall!

That’s really good news. But leaders of the campaign are nervous about the potential emergence of a well-financed opposition effort assisted by groups like SAM.

Winning in Montana is not going to be easy, and due to the challenges the campaign faced in the signature drive, they were forced to spend far more than they planned. And now, they’re behind their fundraising goals.

Will you help give New Approach Montana the resources they need to continue building support for legalization and defeat the prohibitionists this fall? Any amount you can give will make a difference.

Donate directly to the Montana 2020 legalization campaign:

A victory in Montana will not only help Montanans. It will also give our movement a huge boost of momentum as we continue to build pressure on Congress to pass a federal legalization law.

Now’s a critical time to throw your support behind this important campaign.