Missouri’s 2020 legalization ballot campaign comes to an end

Apr 15, 2020

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Missouri’s 2020 legalization ballot campaign comes to an end

We hope you and your family are safe and well.

Public health guidelines and safety concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic have made traditional methods of gathering voter petitions impossible. As a result, signature drives for ballot initiatives all across the country have been severely impacted.

Though the chances of success were slim, leaders with Missourians for a New Approach explored a number of legal avenues that would allow the campaign to resume, including the possibility of electronic signatures. However, no option proved feasible, and with the May 3 deadline approaching, the effort to put legalization on the ballot in 2020 has come to an end.

Though the outcome is disappointing, public support for reform will remain strong, and the groundwork for a future push to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults in Missouri has been laid. National groups, including MPP, are committed to redoubling our efforts to pass a legalization law in Missouri at the next available opportunity.

We are grateful to each person who supported, volunteered, or worked for this campaign, and we're proud of what it accomplished. These are challenging times, and it may take longer than we had hoped, but sensible marijuana policy reform will prevail in Missouri.

Thank you.