Minnesota House of Representatives votes to legalize cannabis!

May 14, 2021

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Minnesota House of Representatives votes to legalize cannabis!

Ask your state senator to support legalization.

Last night, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to legalize cannabis in a 72-61 vote!

Unfortunately, however, the legislature only has two days left before it adjourns for the year, and the Senate will not be taking up legalization. When the legislature reconvenes in 2022, legislation picks up where it left off — HF 600 will already be out of the House and in the Senate. However, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has said his Republican caucus is strongly opposed.

Gov. Tim Walz supports legalization, meaning Sen. Gazelka’s Senate majority is the only thing standing in the way of legalization of cannabis in Minnesota.

Legalization would create tens of thousands of desperately needed jobs and hundreds of millions in tax revenue, and it would reduce unnecessary stops, searches, and arrests that unfairly and unequally target Black Minnesotans.

Let your state senator know you want the Senate to legalize cannabis for adults in 2022.

Then, spread the good news to others in Minnesota.