Md. House workgroup begins to meet on legalization

Sep 14, 2021

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Md. House workgroup begins to meet on legalization

Urge your lawmakers to end cannabis prohibition in 2022!

In case you missed it, House Speaker Adrienne Jones (D) has announced that the House intends to pass a bill to refer legalization to voters on the 2022 ballot. The announcement also included the formation of a legalization workgroup to study the issue. The workgroup held its first meeting last week, which is available to view here.

As the workgroup begins to meet, the Maryland Cannabis Policy Coalition has created a list of priorities we will be advocating for to ensure that legalization in achieved in 2022 without delay, is equitable, and seeks to repair the past harms of cannabis prohibition. This includes:

  • Ensuring any voter referendum is self-executing and legalizes possession and home cultivation with no further legislative action needed.
  • If legalization is referred to the ballot in 2022, the legislature should also enact implementing legislation in 2022 to ensure legalization is rooted in social equity and reparative justice.
  • Reinvesting the bulk of tax revenue into disproportionately impacted communities.

You can check out the full list here.

It’s important that your lawmakers hear from their constituents. Be sure to reach out to them today and ask them to ensure equitable legalization is achieved in 2022!

A strong majority of Marylanders support legalizing cannabis for adults, but the legislature must act to bring equitable legalization to Maryland. Please reach out to your lawmakers today and share this message with your friends and family in Maryland. Stay tuned for future updates!