Massachusetts Gearing Up For 2016 Legalization Campaign

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Building on steadily increasing public support, a coalition of marijuana policy reformers are looking to 2016 to get an initiative on the MassachusettsMA seal ballot to make marijuana legal for adults and regulate it similarly to alcohol.

MPP was largely responsible for the successful 2008 campaign to remove the threat of arrest for possession of small amounts of marijuana in the state. Now, national and local advocates are preparing to end marijuana prohibition in the Bay State:

Outside groups are already pledging support – strategic and financial – to push for legalization in Massachusetts.

The Marijuana Policy Project, a national nonprofit that says it spent about $2 million on the successful 2012 campaign for legalization in Colorado, also plans to spend money in this state.

“We intend to support an initiative in Massachusetts in 2016 that would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol,” said spokesman Mason Tvert.

Bill Downing, treasurer of Bay State Repeal, a group created to get the legalization question on the ballot, said he expects other national groups to back the effort here.

2 responses to “Massachusetts Gearing Up For 2016 Legalization Campaign”

  1. Cannabis has been re-legalized in parts of The United States and in the rational Country of Uruguay.
    Cannabis has been “legal” throughout the majority of human history.
    Only humans have ever desired to claim plants that frighten them or interfere with their greed based profit motives/schemes can be declared illegal.
    What if the smartest human beings who have ever existed just aren’t very smart?… based on the Universal SAT?…?

    Eric K. Johnson

  2. The issue of legalization would be far more supported by ,
    ” Others ” then Bay State Repeal someone like Bill Downing who supports authoritative attacks on there fellow activists . .I n My personal opinion, should not be supported The argument is simple why deposit any faith or capital in system of people who do not have any support or resources there own agenda even has no petition for presentment for such support . If you support them now you waste money they want to continue to fund non binding questions . have cook outs and eat Chinese food meals you pay for . When legalization is far over due and many our jailed . If Massachusetts waits and waits and waits it suits these clowns need to get funded ? Maybe hell will freeze over in there time , that’s ah better bet!!!!

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