Massachusetts Ads Featuring Former Cop Kick Off Final Weeks of Campaign

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The campaign in support of Question 4 in Massachusetts began airing its first television ad this week. The 30-second spot, which can be viewed below, features former Tom Nolan, a retired Boston police lieutenant who is now an associate professor and program director of the criminal justice graduate program at Merrimack College.

In the newly released ad, Nolan discusses several of the controls on marijuana that would be created under Question 4, as well as the millions of dollars in revenue that would be generated each year by taxes on adult-use marijuana sales.


2 responses to “Massachusetts Ads Featuring Former Cop Kick Off Final Weeks of Campaign”

  1. I agree to a point. If regulated like alcohol, let it NOT be controled and regulated by the A.B.C.
    It is proven in every state with a Alcohol Board, corruption within, political appointed.
    Regulate from within the community,growers, providers and those who depend for medical reason staff the commission.
    I am familiar and have spoken before city councils, supervisors etc on this and other concerns on this matter and others that arise in regard to this important issue.

  2. Medical marijuana is an up and coming drug. It is not habit-forming as some other painkillers are. And for people in pain, it will be a lifesaver. It also helps people who have a problem eating and are losing weight because this will help give them some appetite. It is important to remember once again this is not habit forming like other drugs such as Oxycodone. The money the state will make will help our schools and take away from the drug dealers.

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