Maryland voters will decide on legalization in November!

Apr 01, 2022

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Maryland voters will decide on legalization in November!

Call Governor Hogan today and ask that he sign HB 837!

It’s been a busy week for cannabis policy reform in Annapolis! The legislature has approved HB 1 — which will refer the question of legalization to voters on the November ballot. Marylanders have long supported legalizing cannabis for adults, and this fall they will have the opportunity to weigh in to end cannabis prohibition in the Free State.

The legislature also approved HB 837 — legislation that would take effect if voters approve legalization. HB 837 would allow residents 21 and older to legally possess up to 1.5 ounces and cultivate up to two plants beginning July 1, 2023. The bills also include limited expungement, funding for minority- and women-owned businesses, and a community reinvestment and repair fund — that would be contingent on voter approval of HB 1.

You can check out our summary of the bills here.

The companion legislation now heads to Gov. Larry Hogan’s desk, where he can sign it into law, let it became law without his signature, or veto the legislation. Call the governor now and ask that he sign HB 837 into law!

Encouragingly, the bills passed with a veto-proof majority (92-37 in the House and 30-15 in the Senate). If the governor vetoed HB 837, there should still be time left in session for the legislature to override a veto before they adjourn on April 11.

Ask Gov. Hogan to stand with the majority of Marylanders and sign HB 837 into law!

Thank you to everyone who helped achieve this historic victory today! Maryland has taken a big step to finally end cannabis prohibition.