Maine Governor Vetoes Marijuana Regulation Bill, Advocates Urging Legislative Override

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On Friday, Maine Gov. Paul LePage followed through on threats to veto legislation that would have started the process of implementing a regulated marijuana market that Maine voters called for when they approved Question 1 in 2016. The bill, which was supported overwhelmingly in the House and Senate, would have created rules for cultivation, processing, and retail establishments, as well as set tax rates for adult-use marijuana and delay marijuana social consumption lounges until summer 2019.

LD 1650 was the product of nearly seven months of transparent deliberations in the legislature that included input from a variety of stakeholders and concerned residents. Gov. LePage and House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport) attempted to circumvent this legislation by introducing a bill to officially delay marijuana retail sales until 2019, but it was defeated in late October.

MPP’s David Boyer released the following statement:

Gov. LePage has made a mistake by vetoing this legislation. Instead of a regulated and controlled system of marijuana cultivation and sales, Maine will continue to support the unregulated market. In 2014, the governor said he would implement a legalization law if approved by voters, but he has failed to uphold that commitment.

We call on the legislature to override this ill-advised veto. The bipartisan compromise bill proposed by the legislature will allow Maine to establish the regulations necessary to implement the will of the people as expressed last November. 

In Massachusetts, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker campaigned against the marijuana legalization initiative last year. However, he respected the outcome and moved forward with implementation of the law. It is unfortunate that Gov. LePage has not done the same. Seven other states have passed legalization initiatives over the past five years, and none have seen this type of obstructionism from their governors.

MPP will continue working with our allies and the legislature to make sure Maine voters gets the legal and regulated marijuana program they called for last year.

UPDATE: Legislative attempts to override the veto failed. MPP is urging lawmakers to address the issue immediately at the beginning of the next session.

9 responses to “Maine Governor Vetoes Marijuana Regulation Bill, Advocates Urging Legislative Override”

    • Oh boy did you ever hit the nail squarly on the head , these poltitions if they could feel the pain and suffer with opiods that just creates another problem from getting hooked on them, not to mention the damage they are doing to the rest of your body. So like i tell people that say hay you got it maid with your meds they take your pain away i tell them you would not think that way is you could switch bodies with me just for 1 day.

  1. Texas has the same problem with Governor Abbott as Maine does with theirs. He serves his own Will rather than the Will of the People! The swamp that needs to be drained is not just in Washington! It exists in all governments! Governor Abbott has proven this time and again while he blocks any Bills that would have been able to discuss Cannabis in 2017, purposely kicking the can down the road to delay until 2019! A despicable act by a very selfish man! I’m forced to move from the State that I grew up in now and where I have family because I need Cannabis to improve the Opioids I must take for 4 ruptured disks. This disabled me in 2009 and caused me to go on disability and lose a nice 6-figure income from a VP job that I loved. After 21 years of Methadone, it no longer works well. When I was able to try Cannabis in Colorado, I was amazed at the effect it had on my Opioids. It seemed to jump start them, making them work on pain better and for a longer time. I believe I could reduce my Opioids by as much as half if allowed to include Cannabis in my pain management. As I sit now, I need to double it just to function and get up! Cannabis is a win-win for the Opioid epidemic war and for my body! Why these backwards politicians consider medical marijuana as a problem is beyond normal rationale or comprehension! It has to be from kickback and other under the table corruption, because it’s a solution to many, many problems, including jobs and textiles, and it brings none with it, as we’ve seen already in the states that have legalized it medicinally. Looking the other way is not a sane act, unless money, fame or power is involved! This is why the swamp MUST be drained…. and it will be!

  2. The statements this governor has made about Cannabis including his acts to veto THIS < Now shows a proven patent that this governor must be impeach , The will of people Governor has ignored . This Governor Lepage catheterizes Cannabis as a personal scorn This governor has ignored the truth and the facts by continuing an illegal attack on the people of Maine , His oath is worthless , so is his foolish prohibitionist opinions , he form the swamp which needs to be drain and impeach Any Governor who veto's winning petition question is not representing the people and forwarding his own opinion so now people of Maine start the procedure to remove and impeach this dictator also his pro economic views within State have again failed he is a scab should be tar and feather then per-aided with is cabinet down our streets and ship back to Canada

  3. This is a huge problem! Veto power is STUPID! At the state or federal level. The governor or President is the Chief Executive… their job is to Execute the laws enacted by the legislatures (people’s reps)… period! If you don’t like the way the people vote, too bad. The only time that the gov or president should attempt to “strike down” legislation is if there is an argument about a potential violation of the Constitution. This is the opposite! Old Cannabis laws are unconstitutional. Preventing adults from using a flower for health or WHATEVER they want, is way beyond government overreach, even in the states, and a violation of our most basic right to self determination. No group of individuals has the constitutional authority to keep a capable adult from putting ANYTHING into their bodies if they so choose, period. Just like they do not have the Constitutional authority to put whatever they want into you body.

  4. People that work as republicans are hypocrisy they make it as if men are better than woman. News flash woman are better than man because we cook and clean for your butt and i am not that kind of woman i will make you do things that woman do so you can see what you did to us. i am more tougher than other weak woman in the universe they just don’t an joke.

  5. As I understand it, there is no reason something illegal under federal law has to be illegal under state law, or vice-versa. Nor does a state have to enforce federal law; the feds are responsible for enforcing their own laws.

    The beginning of the end of alcohol prohibition came when a state — I think it was Michigan — declared alcohol to be legal under Michigan law and decided not to use state resources to enforce alcohol prohibition anymore. Other states followed Michigan’s lead. Since the feds couldn’t enforce alcohol prohibition by themselves, it soon became irrelevant. (The feds couldn’t enforce alcohol prohibition WITH the help of the states either, of course, but at least the pretense looked more convincing.)

    Assuming my understanding is correct, I see no reason cannabis can”t follow the same path.

  6. Vetoing legislation that was approved by the citizens & a bipartisan agreement in both houses of a state’s legislature, sounds a bit treasonous to me. Impeachment sounds like an excellent solution for an elected leader who rejects the democratically arrived at, will of the people.

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