Legalization Under Attack in Massachusetts

Jan 23, 2017 , , , ,

On Friday, we received a clear indication of what to expect from the Massachusetts Legislature in the next few months. Politicians introduced a number of bills that would adversely impact the implementation of Question 4 and restrict the new law’s home cultivation and personal possession limits.

Legislators have filed bills that would push back sales of edibles by two years, reduce home grow and personal possession limits, give local officials the power to block marijuana establishments, unnecessarily restructure the Cannabis Control Commission, and increase the legal age limit to 25.

These are clear attempts to reverse the will of the 1.8 million voters who approved Question 4.

If you are a Massachusetts resident, please contact your lawmakers and tell them that you oppose any attempts to significantly alter Question 4, including those listed above.

3 responses to “Legalization Under Attack in Massachusetts”

  1. Why aren’t we pushing for the Citizens of every state to Have the Right to VOTE on this subjet? Our elected officials move too slow and put so many “extras” that place idiotic restrictions on something that should never have been deemed illegal in the first place.
    I’m reaching out to both my state & federal officials and Encouraging that We The People Have the Right to make the Decision regarding Legalization of Cannabis/ Marijuana & Hemp. As they bicker over wording, etc instead of focusing on what The People Want!! We need to take our country & government back!!

    • Indiana’s constitution forbids ballot initiatives! Ballot initiatives are the mechanisms through which states legalize pot! How can this be legal under the federal constitution?

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