Legal Marijuana Sales Begin TODAY Across Washington

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One year and eight months after 55% of Washington voters chose to end the failed experiment of marijuana prohibition, regulated retail marijuana stores have finally begun opening to the public. Washington is the second state to allow adult-use marijuana sales; Colorado’s retail stores have been operational for the past six months.
According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, 25 shops across the state are expected to open today, with more opening in the weeks and months to follow. Adults 21 and over will be able to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana from licensed establishments that must pay taxes and ensure that products are tested and properly labeled. Because the first growers have not been licensed for long, prices may be high and supply may be short in these first months of legal sales.
For decades, marijuana prohibition has drained our federal, state, and local governments of resources while failing to prevent use or abuse. The voters of Washington wisely chose a new approach: Taxing and regulating marijuana cultivation and distribution to adults. Considering it is far safer than alcohol, it’s about time it’s treated similarly.


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  1. Considering it is far safer than alcohol, it’s about time it’s treated similarly. – MPP

    Why does cannabis need to be regulated similar to alcohol.

    Cannabis has never been proved to be harmful.

    If such evidence exist would someone publish that evidence?

    Alcohol is harmful and potentially deadly.

    Why should a harmless to beneficial herb need to be regulated similar to deadly alcohol?

    Doesn’t make a lick of sense until one adds green dollar bills to the equation!

    Then one gets the sense and scent of the Real Deal!…it stink$

  2. @True Believer: Any substance that is psychoactive should be regulated. I agree that cannabis is not harmful, but at the same time you need to be juducious in it’s use.

  3. It isn’t legal. Only when the tyranny ends and the plant is allowed IT’S birthright to exist, when man realised that his laws cannot and should not be above nature’s laws, will it be “legal”.

    Imagine if you were born into a world where you were “not allowed” to exist. Nature does what nature does.

    It is well past time to recognise and accept that as a fact.

  4. @I’m talking out of my ass

    So…you are for regulating chocolate, caffeine, and herbs?

    You state, on one hand, the fact that cannabis has never been proved to be harmful, while, on the other hand you claim a need for “regulation”?

    Look up the definition of cognitive dissonance?

  5. People in need of a safe theraputic substance have been denied for 70+ years for the tirany and greed of the US government. Francis Young ,Supreme court justice: ” Safest theraputic substance known to man.

  6. Cannabis is a very unusual, remarkable plant, and the fact that our human bodies have natural cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids, would suggest a long relationship between living creatures and cannabis. Unfortunately our federal government appears to be controlled by fear, and the imaginations and influence of men such as Harry Anslinger . The medical profession was cut off and shut out regarding research into cannabis, and medical research has suffered. There were indications around 1974 that cannabis should be studied with regard to cancer, but the fear that existed in the NIxon Whitehouse made that impossible. Time will tell……

  7. There are too many cities/counties switching from moratoriums to outright banning of marijuana anything. Mostly East siders railing against the “tyranny of the liberal lunatic fringe in Seattle, after all, our city/county voted 60% against”. It’s going to take a couple generations more to wipe out ignorant discrimination

  8. I am 53 years old and all my life i have seen many addictions that have killed people, put people in jail , lost their children. None of it was over marijuana , marijuana can be helpful in moderation. It doesn’t kill. It is a helpful herb for many causes. Drinking and driving is the most dangerous of all and yet every block has either a liquor store or bar or bar and grill…. my question has always been how can you drive to a place that serves liquor and then get in the car and drive ???? This has never made sense to me. But, it happens every day there are even drive-through liquor stores , Really! Legalize marijuana the states will regulate it and make more taxes for money for education and important issues. Cigarettes are the most addicting and millions of people can’t stop and have spent billions of dollars on them. People get ill and still smoke because its easier to smoke than to stop! To me: liquor and cigarettes are what should be illegal and I smoke cigarettes and wish I had never started it s the worst addiction next to heroin in my opinion!!!!

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