Key new cannabis protections are being considered in Congress. You can help.

Jul 28, 2020

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Key new cannabis protections are being considered in Congress. You can help.

Click here to support new protections for businesses in adult-use legalization states.

MPP supports laws that protect state-licensed businesses from being targeted by federal law enforcement. It’s good for patients, consumers, and for those running cannabis shops. We’d like your help as an important measure is being considered by Congress.

Currently, federal law enforcement that operates through the U.S. Department of Justice is prohibited from targeting medical cannabis businesses that follow state law. This set of protections has been in place for several years, and we want to see them extended to apply to all full-use cannabis programs and the District of Columbia. It’s a modest step but an important one that can keep people out of trouble and out of prison.

Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Tom McClintock, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Barbara Lee are seeking to add those protections to an appropriations bill under consideration called the CJS (Commerce-Justice-Science) Funding Bill for fiscal year 2021. We want members of Congress to support this important addition. Click here to send a message to your Representative and ask them to support this important protection.

Businesses that are considered “essential” during a global pandemic and are following state law should not have to wonder if they will be targeted by federal agents. D.C. businesses should get protections like similar businesses in states with medical programs. Let your Congressional representative hear from you on this. And help us get the word out by forwarding this message to your network!