Imagine legalizing marijuana in South Dakota this year

Feb 06, 2020

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Imagine legalizing marijuana in South Dakota this year

Support the 2020 adult-use legalization ballot campaign!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that 2020 could be a game-changer for our movement. With voter referendum efforts in several conservative states underway, a serious campaign in South Dakota has already qualified an adult-use legalization initiative for the 2020 ballot, which will appear alongside a separate medical marijuana proposal. MPP staff are playing a central role in guiding the campaign, and we know that with sufficient resources to fight back against the opposition, the measure has a great shot at becoming law.

South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws is the committee leading the charge, and they need your help right now.

Imagine the nation seeing marijuana prohibition defeated on the ballot in a right-leaning, rural state like South Dakota. A victory like this would force Congress and both major parties to accept that the political will and public consensus around marijuana legalization is undeniable.

Of course, legalizing and regulating marijuana would also benefit the people of South Dakota by establishing a well-regulated marijuana market, creating new jobs, and generating tax revenue for important programs.

But none that will happen if we don’t support the campaign now. Prohibitionists will fight with everything they have to stop this, so get involved and contribute what you can.