Hawai’i Legislature kicks off 2022 session; several legalization bills carry over from 2021

Jan 18, 2022

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Hawai’i Legislature kicks off 2022 session; several legalization bills carry over from 2021

Tell your state legislators it’s time to support legalization!

Tomorrow, the Hawai’i Legislature kicks off its 2022 session. You might recall that last year saw several legalization bills proposed in both chambers — with one passing the full Senate. All of those bills are still alive.

Ask your state legislators to make 2022 the year Hawai’i legalizes cannabis.

In the Senate, three legalization measures were proposed last year — SB 767 sponsored by Sen. Lee (D); SB 704 sponsored by Sen. English (D); and SB 1376 sponsored by Sen. Buenaventura (D).  SB 1376 and SB 704 never received a hearing or a full vote from the Senate. However, SB 767 passed the Senate on 20-5 vote, but the measure wouldn’t have become effective until 2137. Last year, SB 767 stalled in the House where it failed to gain enough traction with House leadership to be called for hearing. Each of these measures has carried over to 2022.

Meanwhile, the House also saw three legalization bills introduced last year: HB 1202 sponsored by Rep. Wilderberger (D); HB 238 sponsored by Rep. Kobayashi (D); and HB 7 sponsored by Rep. Kapela (D). None of these bills received a public hearing or a vote. These three bills are also still alive.

Although Gov. David Ige (D) remains opposed to legalization, 73% of Hawaiian residents support legalization according to a recent Civiqs research poll. Now that 18 states have passed laws to legalize and regulate cannabis for individuals over 21, including every state along the western seaboard — along with the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and Nevada — it’s time that Hawai'i follows suit.

Tell your legislators it’s time to support legalization!

It’s critically important to reach out to your lawmakers to let them know you want them to legalize cannabis for adult use this session! After you do, be sure to tell your friends and ohana to do the same. In the interim, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest developments this legislative session.