Denver Businesses Applying for Social Consumption Permits

Aug 25, 2017 , ,

In November 2016, Denver voters approved a measure that allows local businesses to apply for permits to set aside areas for marijuana consumption by their customers. Now, after months of conflict over the extremely restrictive nature of the rules, the city is accepting applications.

Advocates are still decrying the regulations, however, saying that the rules are designed to make it almost impossible for most businesses to take part. In particular, they are concerned that a requirement that applicants be at least 1,000 feet from a variety of educational, treatment, and public facilities, including city parks, eliminates most potential applicants and is unfair when compared to much less restrictive buffer zones for businesses that sell alcohol. Locals are considering a lawsuit against the city to address this issue.

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  1. No, bad idea. I’m allergic to so many things. Smoke is one of them and marijuana smoke is unpleasant at its best. It’s unpleasant to smell outside and it sticks to users clothing; to mine also when I’ve bee n in a place with multiple users, before I knew enough to avoid places where I can smell the smoke. If you pass something like ‘social’ convenience places, I’m sure they will be used but I cannot shop or eat out there. And I’m sure there are many like me.

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