Delaware Senate Majority Whip to Introduce Legalization Bill Next Session

Oct 18, 2016

DE, Delaware, Margaret Rose Henry, Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee, Tax and Regulate

Last week during a meeting of the Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee, Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry — who sponsored Delaware’s medical bill — said she plans to file a bill to regulate cannabis like alcohol! You can read more of her statements in this Delaware Online article.

[caption id="attachment_10111" align="alignright" width="200"]margaretrosehenry Sen. Margaret Rose Henry[/caption]

Congratulations to all the advocates who have helped get Delaware to this point and are celebrating this wonderful news across the state today.

But, the battle has barely begun. Having a champion as respected and effective as Sen. Henry is crucial, but unless we get a majority of the General Assembly on board, the bill will not succeed. If you are a Delaware resident, please ask your legislators to embrace reform and support the passage of this bill. And if Sen. Henry is your state senator, be sure to thank her for taking this important step.