Delaware: HB 305 hearing scheduled for Wednesday, January 26

Jan 21, 2022

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Delaware: HB 305 hearing scheduled for Wednesday, January 26

Ask your lawmakers to support HB 305!

The House Health and Human Development Committee has scheduled a hearing for HB 305, legislation that would make cannabis legal for adults 21 and older and replace prohibition with a system of regulation that focuses on public health and equity. The virtual hearing will take place on Wednesday, January 26 at 11 a.m.

Please write your lawmakers today and ask them to support HB 305!

You can voice your support at the hearing by providing written and/or oral testimony. We particularly encourage testimony from supportive law enforcement, clergy, substance abuse and medical professionals, educators, and those who have been harmed by cannabis prohibition.

For more information on HB 305, you can check out our summary here. You can find some arguments in support of legalizing and regulating cannabis here.

Written testimony can be submitted by emailing it to Please specify the House Committee (Health and Human Development), the date of the committee meeting (January 26, 2022), and the bill number for which you are submitting public comment (HB 305). Submissions will be accepted in advance of the committee meeting and up to 24 hours after the hearing has concluded.

Oral testimony will be limited to two minutes. You can register to submit oral testimony here. Check out the guidelines under “Minutes and Supporting Documents” for more details on providing testimony.

Help us send a strong message to the General Assembly to end cannabis prohibition in the First State this year! Please show your support at the upcoming bill hearing, contact your lawmakers, and forward this message to your friends and family in Delaware.