Del.: Legalization bill introduced!

Jan 13, 2022

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Del.: Legalization bill introduced!

Ask your lawmakers to support HB 305!

Exciting news! Rep. Ed Osienski (D) has just introduced HB 305, a bill that would make cannabis legal for adults 21 and older, replacing prohibition with a system of regulation that focuses on public health and equity.

The bill is broadly similar to last year’s legalization bill, HB 150, but includes some important changes including allocating seven percent of tax revenue from legal sales to a Justice Reinvestment Fund. You can check out our full summary of HB 305 here.

It’s important your lawmakers hear from you — ask them to support HB 305 this session!

The bill will first be taken up by the House Health and Human Development Committee. Stay tuned for future updates about the bill hearing and how to raise your voice in support of equitable legalization this year.

By passing HB 305 this year, Delaware can further reduce police interactions and arrests for cannabis, boost public health and public safety by displacing the illicit market, create a new source of jobs and revenue, and begin to repair the decades of harm cannabis prohibition has caused in communities of color.

After you email your lawmakers, please share this message with your friends and family in Delaware and encourage them to do the same.

Together, we can end prohibition in the First State!