CT Gov. Ned Lamont signs legalization bill into law!

Jun 22, 2021

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CT Gov. Ned Lamont signs legalization bill into law!

Exciting news! Moments ago, Gov. Lamont signed S.B. 1201 — “An Act Concerning Equitable and Responsible Regulation of Cannabis” — into law, making Connecticut the 19th state to end cannabis prohibition. Connecticut is the sixth state to legalize via its state legislature and the fourth state to legalize this year, along with New Mexico, New York, and Virginia.

You may recall, earlier this month the House and Senate passed S.B. 1201 in special session on 76-62 and 16-11 votes, respectively. With Gov. Lamont’s signature, cannabis prohibition will effectively end in Connecticut on July 1.

Starting on July 1, adults over the age of 21 will be allowed to possess up to one and a half ounces of cannabis on their person and up to five ounces in a locked trunk or secured at their home. Legal sales are anticipated to begin by May 2022. Adults will be allowed to securely cultivate cannabis at home starting July 1, 2023.

Additionally, 50% of licenses will be reserved for equity applicants, and up to 75% of the revenue will be dedicated towards equity efforts and community reinvestment. You can check out a full summary of the bill here and a condensed summary here.  

MPP is proud to have played a leading role in this multi-year effort to reform Connecticut’s cannabis laws. However, this accomplishment would not have been possible without all of your calls, emails, texts, and support over the years to get this equity-centered legislation across the finish line. This is our collective victory to share.