Connecticut Committee Approves Legalization Bill

Apr 05, 2018 , , ,

This afternoon, the Connecticut Joint Committee on Appropriations voted 27-24 to approve HR 5394, a placeholder bill that would legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana to adults. The details of the legislation will be fleshed out in the coming weeks.

When the legislative session began, most doubted that any marijuana-related bill would make it out of committee in an election year. Today’s vote shows just how far we have come on this issue.

Congratulations are due to our legislative champions, members of the committee, and the dedicated advocates who have never given up and continued to push for progress.

While we still have a long way to go before final passage, this vote shows that education and advocacy work. If you are a Connecticut resident, please ask your state legislators to support marijuana legalization this year.


3 responses to “Connecticut Committee Approves Legalization Bill”

  1. It’s time to legalize adult use of cannabis in Connecticut and do the proper up to date testing to further our knowledge on the medicinal properties of this plant. Also let’s release our brothers and sisters that are in our prison systems for minor marijuana non violent offenses.
    Let’s stop dragging our feet on this , many states around are legalizing the sky hasn’t fallen, use hasn’t gone up, crime hasn’t increased, but increased taxed income has.

  2. I keep trying to contact my legislators on this subject using this site everytime a notice is sent to me.There seems to be a problem when I submit my zip code , it says it’s “loading targets….”then it never connects to anyone . Please correct this , I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong or is it a glitch in the system ? I put my full zip code like it says to and it doesn’t go anywhere. And I have a lot o say on this subject to my legislators !! Thank you !!

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