Colorado Retail Marijuana Application Rules Changed to Open Market

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It’s been exactly six months since legal retail marijuana sales began in Colorado, and today is the first day that retail marijuana business licenses are open to all applicants — not just those who previously held medical marijuana licenses.

Click here for an application checklist and the required application forms. Please note that these licenses would not go into effect until October 1, 2014, and businesses would still require local approval.

In these brief six months, the Centennial State has already experienced overwhelmingly positive results! There has been a 10.1% decrease in overall crime from 2013. As of May, the state had collected $10.9 million in taxes from adult use stores alone. The Department of Revenue has licensed nearly 600 retail marijuana businesses — including dispensaries, cultivators, and infused products manufacturers — and 10,043 individuals to work in the industry.

Collateral sectors are also feeling the love, especially in the tourism industry. Colorado ski resorts enjoyed a record-breaking season, with 12.6 million visitors, and 14 million Denver tourists spent an all-time high of $4 billion. More families and businesses are also moving to the Mile High City. In 2013, Denver attracted more sales of single-family homes last year than during the housing boom, and is ranked among the top commercial real estate markets to watch.



4 responses to “Colorado Retail Marijuana Application Rules Changed to Open Market”

  1. I was in Junior High School when Tricky Dickhead pushed through Schedule 1. It was always about money, power and repression training for the American people.

    Our economy would have been so different if marijuana prohibition had never happened and industrial hemp had taken a major role in industrial development in America. America would be so much healthier as well.

    We would probably be growing close to half a billion acres of hemp every year in America and the mass migration off the farms to the cities would never have happened. The dense growing patterns of hemp would have eliminated the need of herbicides and the nutritional value of hemp seed would have eliminated the need for growth hormones and all sorts of crap brought to you by Monsanto, Dupont and the corporate pigs that control our institutions and government. The wood flour products would have left close to 100 billion barrels of oil in the ground in America and OPEC would have never been an issue.
    And let’s not forget, if we didn’t need to fight oil wars, the military industrial complex might be nothing more than a cottage industry compared to what it is now.

  2. HB 5708, introduced by Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), would eliminate criminal penalties and the possibility of a criminal record for possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana. It would establish a new class of offense called a “regulatory offense,”

    Oh! What a tangled web is being woven around and around and around a simple herb.

    Tax and regulate like deadly drugs


    Partially legal/illegal

    Civil tax masquerading as a “fine”…for no crime?

    Civil infraction?…is what?

    Civil offense…who is the offended or damaged party?

    Civil drivel…all !

    Civil fines

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