Colo.: Home cannabis delivery and on-site consumption bills head to governor

May 02, 2019

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Colo.: Home cannabis delivery and on-site consumption bills head to governor

New measures represent big advancements in cannabis policy

Lawmakers passed two key cannabis bills this week. One would authorize the home delivery of cannabis products, while the other would create much-needed locations for adults to consume cannabis outside of personal residences.

HB 1234 would allow both medical cannabis patients and adult consumers to order cannabis products for home delivery. They would be limited to private residences and would not be allowed on college campuses. Deliveries would only be allowed if they are authorized by their local jurisdictions, either through a local referendum or the local governing body. Medical cannabis deliveries would begin January 2, 2020, with deliveries to adult consumers starting the following January.

The other measure, HB 1230, would allow businesses like hotels or restaurants to set aside a location for patrons to consume without violating the law. It would also allow licensed retail locations to sell small amounts of cannabis for use on-site. The emergence of hospitality centers is a big step forward for tourists and other consumers seeking a legal option.

Colorado continues as a leader in cannabis policy, and these bills are yet another step forward. Thanks to all those who helped get these measures through a difficult process. Both are expected to be presented to the governor in the coming days, and many anticipate he will sign both into law.