Colo.: Cannabis bill would allow on-site consumption areas for adults, but another presents risks

Mar 14, 2019

If you live in Colorado, click here to support the Hospitality Establishment bill and allow on-site consumption.

More than six years after Colorado voters legalized marijuana, many adults still have no place where they can consume cannabis. For the most part, private homes are the only option, leaving tourists and those who can't smoke or vape at home left out. Rep. Jonathan Singer's Hospitality Establishment bill would finally change that by allowing on-site cannabis consumption at regulated establishments.

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While Colorado allows adults and patients to consume cannabis, consumption is prohibited in public. Unlike alcohol, businesses may not allow on-site use except in rare instances, leaving tourists who purchase cannabis in a catch-22. This makes cannabis consumers second-class status compared with alcohol consumers. HB 1230 would allow facilities like hotels to designate areas for cannabis consumption. Other businesses could be authorized to sell small amounts of cannabis for consumption on-site. It's a commonsense solution to a long-running challenge in Colorado.

Unfortunately, another bill could severely limit in-home use for many adults and patients. HB 1076 would define using a cannabis vaporizer — including pens — as "smoking," subjecting vaping to all the restrictions on indoor tobacco smoking. Thousands of Coloradans who live in public housing could be prohibited from using vaporizers in their own residences. The bill is expected to pass the House this week, but these limits should be reconsidered in the Senate. Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to stop this overreach.

In the meantime, please take a moment to send a message to your lawmaker in support of HB 1230, and forward this message to friends, family, and supporters!