California Democrats Officially Add Marijuana Legalization to Platform

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California Democrats approved adding a position in support of taxing and regulating marijuana to the party’s platform Sunday, despite opposition from Gov. Jerry Brown (D). This is a major shift in the Democratic Party stance on legal marijuana use in the Golden State, and was spearheaded by long-time activist Lanny Swerdlow and the Brownie Mary Democratic Club.

California was the pioneering state for medical marijuana, which was made legal in 1996, but since then has stalled on creating a regulatory structure for cultivation or sales, and the legislature has been unwilling to seriously consider making marijuana legal for adults.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

Leading up to the party shift this weekend, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, formerly the mayor of San Francisco, made the case for marijuana, swaying moderate Democrats by reassuring them, “You can be pro-regulation without being an advocate for drug use.”

Newsom’s advocacy was contrary to Gov. Brown’s interview on “Meet the Press” the last week, in which he voiced peculiar concerns over marijuana’s effect on alertness. “The world’s pretty dangerous, very competitive,” Brown said. “I think we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the potheads might be able to put together.”

The platform language specifically calls on Democrats to “support the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana, in a manner similar to that of tobacco or alcohol.” The tipping point in this shift may stem from Colorado’s preliminary tax revenue generation of $2 million dollars for the month of January. However, revenue clearly is not the only factor; a recent Field Poll found a 55% majority of voters support legalization.

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  1. I am SO TIRED of this “but marijuana can effect alertness” crap from the paid prohibitionist shills. Guess what: alcohol also affects alertness, as do many OTC meds and prescription meds, and I don’t see them clamouring to outlaw those substances. Why can’t they get it through their thick skulls that the fact that something might make you intoxicated is NOT a legitimate or acceptable argument, unless you want to advocate for the elimination and criminalization of ALL such substances, including the legal meds and alcohol.

    Of course we know why this is. They are getting paid by the big pharmaceutical companies, by alcohol and tobacco companies, by scam rehab and fraud drug testing companies, and by private prisons, to maintain this fraudulent position and do everything in their power to slow or even halt the will of the people in favor of the privilege of the Drug War profiteers.

  2. Most (but not all) Republican’s and it seems a few Democrats need to get off their high horse’s, no pun intended, about MMJ. We need to start drilling (another) hole in their heads and pour some common sense in. MMJ IS NOT GOING AWAY. The faster they get this through their thick skulls the better! I would love to have the choice about what I use to control the pain I suffer on a daily basis for Chronic Pain from Nerve Damage.

  3. chris p. nutt…you chose an appropriate screen name…your dumbass comment reveals the major reason for cannabis prohibition… ignorant people like you mistakenly believe cannabis is a political issue instead of a medical/ justice issue.
    If you suffered with the pain and disability of thousands of Americans , you would be desperate for relief…jackass…

    Eric K. Johnson

  4. Just because it’s a part of the platform doesn’t mean ANYTHING! Read your party’s platform … the politicians don’t follow it unless it suits them. The federal war on drugs VIOLATES U.S. CONSTITUTION, read the ‘preamble’ to the U.S. 10th Amendment, then read the 10th Amendment. The Constitution was designed to LIMIT the power of the federal government EXPLICITLY to what’s in the Constitution , not give the federal government power.

  5. @ Eric K. JOHNSON
    Hey internet tough guy
    Retread the article & your comments
    If u had you will see that I mean that politicians only care if it gets them votes & power. You child’s mind if you are so quick to ASSUME my intentIons.
    I too have a medical condition that cannabis has helped. You should think before typing. If you for a moment think that most of OUR nations leaders care about us you are living in a dream.
    That goes for BOTH Democrat n Repulucan . I’m from the Death Star state of New York, & the head idiot in charge wants patients get their medicine from a police drug locker ! More insanity from somebody (Cuomoassclown) who doesn’t really care. As Jim Morrison used to say…
    WAKE UP !!!!!????

  6. @eric k. johnson:

    “What else would you expect from our corporate master’s and their Overruling Class 1%ers?

    We are many ,they are few.”

    Do I hear the tumbrils rolling? I think that’s going to happen if the overlords don’t start enacting the will of the people on such a simple issue: marijuana is not going away, the majority support it for legalization and a supermajority support it for medical use, and their causes is dying year by year with every 80 year old who kicks off. At some point, they’re either going to have to do what’s right or find out the hard way what happens to tyrants who use their fellow human beings as livestock for their own personal gain.

  7. This is good news but it means nothing yet. Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (the official name of the Democratic Party here) has had a medical cannabis plank in their platform since 1992. Finally after all these years, the DFL controls the Governor’s office and BOTH houses of the legislature, and they won’t adopt even a super-restrictive version of a medical bill!
    And yes, Democrats really can’t run on “Obamacare.” They’re going to try it and they will lose both houses of Congress. But if they ran on weed, it could be a different story!
    Medical cannabis is far and away the most popular health care reform that the voters have spoken on. It passed in 10 out of 12 states plus the District of Columbia since 1996, when it was put to the people in a direct vote. In some states it passed TWICE! The Affordable Health Care Act, on the other hand, has been rejected in at least 6, maybe 7, of the states where it was put on a referendum.
    Medical cannabis outpolled Clinton in CA in 1996, outpolled Bush in Montana in 2004, outpolled Obama in Michigan in 2008–beating each of the last 3 presidents in his own political stronghold!
    Democrats like most politicians are either cowards or demagogues or both. Yet there are some principled public servants scattered in there; and the rank-and-file of activists include a lot of good souls who believe in participatory democracy—your freedom, use it or lose it!
    Putting legalization in the platform is a victory—only a symbolic victory so far—and turning it into an actual law will take determination, energy, money, blood, sweat, toil, tears, hope and laughter. And a lot of phone calls, petitioning, social media contact, doorknocking—all the nuts and bolts of “retail politics.”
    It won’t happen by magic, by wishful thinking or by waiting for someone else to do it for us!
    50 years ago, civil rights workers went to Mississippi to try to register voters, only to be beaten, jailed, and even killed for their attempt to restore democracy to that closed society.
    Today, our whole nation is a closed, totalitarian society. Beneath the pretense of democracy is a grotesque prison system like the Soviet Gulag in extent and purpose.
    2014 could become FREEDOM SUMMER all across America. 50 years ago, brave young Americans risked their lives to demand that “Jim Crow Must Go.”
    This year, let’s follow their example. Getting our supporters to vote ought to be the top priority for every cannabis activist in America. In states with no one to vote for, write in your local group’s leader. If you are too isolated, then send money to MPP Pac or directly to state initiative campaigns in Alaska, Oregon, Florida, and elsewhere.
    “The NEW JIM CROW— It Too Must Go!”

  8. Peenuts…
    You are on the wrong blog …this blog is about cannabis not politics…you seem very angry and frustrated…maybe you should try harder to get laid?

    BTW…I love our Russian brothers same as you.

    Obama is your President…you don’t have to like it…but you will get used too it…or keep whining…it doesn’t make any difference… Last word…just make sure you are signed up for your Obamacare!

    I will thank our President for you…and you are welcome , Lil’ Peenuts!

    Consider remedial classes?

    Eric K. Johnson

  9. Obbummer.????is my president ? Just like Bush was yours & will be again in 2016( Jeb ).
    Hillary (C U Next Tuesday )has some explaining to do regarding Benghazi. Obamacare is the anchor tied around the necks of all who supported it. I’m sure you believe in unicorns & other fairy tales. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha ????????????????

  10. Getting our supporters to vote ought to be the top priority for every cannabis activist in America. – Mr. Steinberg

    Well said , Mr. Steinberg!…I would urge every concerned voter to call the office’s of your State Reps and Senators and ask them their position on the issue of cannabis legalization before you vote.

    Eric K. Johnson

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    Some of the techniques trolls use to accomplish their objectives are:
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  12. it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH !!!!
    something you seem to only like when you are the only one talking smack. everything I say is the truth. your just too ignorant to realize that Obbummer, Pelosi, Reid & others have lied to the American people for all those years.
    the lot of them should be jailed for crimes against this country. shame on them & shame on you for voting in this tyrants ! 2014 mid term elections will set things RIGHT!

  13. Benghazi Matters.
    4 Americans Died.
    Who Gave the Order to Stand Down?
    Who Pushed the Video?
    America Needs the Whole Truth.

  14. The tipping point in this shift may stem from Colorado’s preliminary tax revenue generation of $2 million dollars for the month of January.

    Two million bucks a month in the first month!…just think how many hundreds of millions of taxable income is being lost to illegal drug gangs and foreign cartels…that could be going into State tax coffers.

  15. Big government loves those taxes! They are greedy & will tax
    to it to death. The rate of tax can only go up. It shouldn’t be taxed any higher than alcohol.

  16. I’m totally for regulations and reform taxation and what not. Because to be frank the system here in California is a joke I am currently fighting a case. In are so called medical state.It should be you can grow mmj if you have lots of money. Why you ask well its like this I was arrested along with my better half who has seizures I would like to add. I be honest I have had a ruff past my father taking his life the day his mother died followed by my big brother taking his life so I did get caught up in harder drugs,it was my way of numbing the pain. And this went on to 2011. Then I meet the girl of my dreams she understood me and didn’t judge. We and one big thing in common maryjane, me having suffered from PTSD. MaryJ kept me away from the hard stuff and helped my lady from having seizures. Fast forward 2013 me and my girl arrested for possession for sales, transporting and conspiracy. Know I know what ur may be thinking this guy got cracked transporting a ton of flowers. Not the case we where arrested with 15 medium plants stock and all soak and wet. So now I’ve found myself looking at four years with a pd who has lied to the courts refused to speak to me and most recently ask the court that I be arrested. Why because I finally spoke up and told the judge my lawyer is giving me the run around and lying to the courts about my attempts to contact him saying I haven’t made an attempt. All lies this pd should have the bar revoke his license to practice law. I find myself with the reality of being took into custody at next court date if I can not hire my own private lawyer. I can’t afford one . So what do I do now I’m court ordered to produce my own private attorney or be reprimanded into custody at next court date.If any one knows of a good lawyer that would want to take my case pro bono please let me know there are a couple things I’ve left out that puts this case over the top of the injustice are courts are dishing out. I know I have a case and some if I only had money this wouldn’t be an issue and I’m sure this case would have been dismissed months ago.

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