Arizona Marijuana Advocates Advance 2016 Initiative

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Advocates of an effort to make marijuana legal for adults and regulated similarly to alcohol in Arizona in 2016 have filed paperwork with state elections officials, granting them permission to raise money to campaign for the citizen’s initiative, according to

The Marijuana Policy Project of Arizona initiative will be fashioned after the voter-approved taxed and regulated recreational marijuana program in Colorado.

Andrew Myers, who is affiliated with the initiative, said Monday the group will bring together a “diverse coalition” to help draft the initiative’s language, adding that marijuana advocates are closely watching Colorado’s program to determine what should be replicated in Arizona—and what should be avoided.

Representatives of the Washington, D.C. based Marijuana Policy Project, which advocates to make marijuana legal and regulated, said it will pursue making marijuana completely legal in Arizona in 2016 because such efforts are more successful during presidential elections, which draw more voters to the polls.

About 50,000 Arizonians already legally use medical marijuana. Patients must first receive recommendations from a physician and then are able to obtain a card from state health officials under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which was approved by voters in 2010.

Any effort towards making marijuana legal for adults in Arizona is expected to be countered with stiff opposition from law enforcement officials.

However, Colorado’s Amendment 64, which voters passed in 2012 with 55 percent of the vote, attracted young and new voters while tapping into the electorate’s libertarian streak. There are hopes that Arizona will tap into the same demographic and successfully follow the example of Colorado.

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  1. As a PC here in Arizona, I feel it is time to bread the typical track of having felony associated with a marijuana conviction. Many here are gun owners and until the feds allow marijuana, it could mean a 10 year sentance to someone (even with a Medical Marijuana card). I’m hoping these legal states will assist in opening th eyes of the ‘very’ conservitive to move into the 21 st century. I am also hoping that they will add a ‘grow it yourself’ statue that will allow persons that cannot afford the costs to grow it, as with brewing beer.

  2. Everywhere u look people say oh well its bad for you, its bad for your brain, but honestly its far less harmful than alcohol or tobacco whether used individual or alone. If we can choose to use alcohol or tobacco why not a safer more natural alternative, marijuana. Lets go green.

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